R-e-e-e-e-e-ach!!! How It Can Be Done!!!

Scientology Council



We figured Scientology was ready to go. Sure it's ready. Who? How? Which way? Well, Ron gave us the techniques we use them, on ourselves and p.c.'s and the prof. course students, and the 30 000 people who come in for group processing. Is that enough? Heck no! How can we make it possible for more people to get the benefit of Scientology methods.

Who are the ones already treating people, physical therapists, psychologists, metaphysical practitioners, are all treating people. Why not teach them our techniques then more people could get the benefits of Scientology.

First, we moved over and BE'd them, and decided that each group needed special courses designed for their purpose. We use "Elementary Scientology Series" as our text. This book has a high acceptance level for reaching.

Our staff have lectured at the physical therapists college, the chiropractic college, and metaphysical groups, and got a member of each organization to work with us. We sent out cards for a free demo., gave them literature at the guest evening, prepared courses and data sheets. These are given at each session. We are teaching techniques to be used in office practice in 10 lessons. We trained assistants to call to remind them and explain further the purpose of our work. We say "we have valuable techniques to present to you, come take a free look. If you like, buy some more seminars and begin living!"

It's not easy but it can be done because we've done it and doctors are already using the methods, and they've become our p.c.'s and they have sent us p.c.'s, and they call us in for consultation on their own patients.

Get processing because the big reach is on. Welcome all reaching ideas!

Self Processing Cards

The orders are piling in for the self proc. cards on the six steps but we need 50 more orders to go to press. We cannot stress too much the value of Ron Hubbard's "Six Steps to Better Beingness" on easy to handle cards (208 plus instruction booklet) at $2.50 prepublication offer (reg. $3.00) 20% dis. for orders of 5 or more.

John Bloomquist of Peoria, Ill. and Randall Garrett, have a tape going the rounds lauding the value of Six Steps (for self processing). Gordon Beckstead is distributing the tape. We all found it highly intriguing, especially the part where he realized he had exteriorized and demonstrated his ability to control his body, heart and beard growth. Swell going, boys. Having these cards for p.c.'s to use between processing sessions is a MUST. Thanks a million to you who have already sent your orders in.

Dear Mr. DeMille:

It's time, I believe, to say Hello to you, since you practically built our group here single-handed with your tape lectures. Charlie Brown, one of your students introduced us to your lectures and it solved the problem of trying to present this field in the most reasonable way. It brought us back to Mr. Hubbard. We were book auditors during 1950-1951, then developed away from Mr. Hubbard our own processing. Your tapes made us realize that Mr. Hubbard developed along the same lines we were, and he was way ahead of us. Since then with the help of your tapes we have developed a group of twenty some people interested and active in studying Scientology. It surely is a magnificent view. So thanks to you, and a way of saying that is to submit an order for seven copies of "Introduction to Scientology" and enclosed is a check for $21.00.

We hope someday to know Scientology Council better, and we also await an opportunity to buy more DeMille tapes.

Sincerely, Mrs. Hilda McGlinskey