Volume 6, Issue 4, page 19

during the early Co n f usion
Period, but during the late
Consolidation Period. It was
at the time the old Dianetikers
were being purged.
"LSrTERS -- {,ochart. I only
disagree with this excellent
letter about 'putting out and
disseminating'. It's equivalent to the propagation pattern
for psychoanalysis, except
that Hubbard, with his eye on
Freud's career, may do it deliberately. Hating Hubbard
doesn't change anything except
to make the process more effective. As advertising agencies have long known, hostility
is as persuasive as affinity ,
and a combination of both is
more persuasive than either.
Martin Gardner, an outright
enemy of Hubbard's system in
his 'Fads and Fallacies in the
Name of Science' (Dover Books)
and Gerson Legman in the extinct magazine NEUROTICA. and
Ira Wallach in 'Hop along Freud'
-- all anti-Hubbard -- may have
given LRH as much publicity
between them as LRH has given