Volume 6, Issue 4, page 18

1st chapter, tells why ; V. 20
tells us we understand and are
without excuse; V. 24 tells
how He gave than up to their
own lusts; V. 26 also. In the
Moffatt Bible, Mark, 16th chapter, shows why man cannot blame
his evil ways on temptation of
the evil Spirit or Satan. Jesus
put Satan behind Him when he
tempted Him, before He, Jesus,
started preaching. Then when
Jesus died and rose again,
Satan ceased to exist at all,
for the last penalty to pay
for following Satan is death.
"There was a Devil, there
is a Jesus and God, thru God
we can help others, bringing
health and happiness. I've seen
it happen. Also thru our own
lusts we can become rich and
famous, but really very unhappy down deep. Yes, the kingdom
of God is within; that's why
when Ron looked within he spun
-- he couldn't faceHim." -- Pearl
Fennick, Phoenix, Ariz.
"Have a tape Volney Mathison made me -- 1% hours every
night. I still have problems,
but am a happier, more hopeful
person than I was, and this is
helping my family. We are going to California on vacation
in about 2 weeks to get Volney
to evaluate us on his machine
in order to make more precise
tapes. Progress is slow, but I
can see some.
"As grief charges left, a
tightness in my throat loosened and I can sing much better.
Two weeks later was asked to
be soloist for my church. Am
taking voice lessons at the
college here. But for the first
time, I am enjoying a rich,
full singing voice