Volume 6, Issue 4, page 15

EdmiTi"Why don'tcha go ahead with
'No God'? We need all three to
balance -- and keep from being
sold. (Triunes, the eternal
triangle, ever-changing.
"Teach us Scientology in
small doses. It may help some."
-- A.B. Pierson, Selma, Calif.
4 4 4
"Who, what and where (and
why!) is this guy Alfred Pulyan who wrote the Penny-BlotsSun article? I realize I'm a
newcomer, and this writer may
have written for you before,
so my query is out of line.
"For my money, I'll bet
that Mr/Rev/Dr/Master Pulyan
has a lot more up his sleeve
that would be mighty fine reading. He's one of the best I've
run across in any publication,
both because he'has something'
and because he writes in that
direct, simple, clear style
and vocabulary that makes it
possible for a novice like me
to grasp at least part of the
ideas he's trying to share
with his readers.
"Here's a writer who doesn't offend my intelligence
with a special interpretation
of a few verses, who doesn't
claim he's the one and only
person who has seen and talked
with God and knows for sure
all the answers. I am writing
to learn if he has any books
or articles Icon lay hands on,
and if not, to urge you to dig
some more articles out of him."
-- Harold D. Finney, Inglewood,
Calif. 4 4 4
"I am glad you have called
attention in the May ABERREE to
Joanna Field's little Pelican
book, 'A Life of One's Own'.
Written in 1932 from material
collected during seven years
previously (in its way a sort
of 'Self-Analysis' before Hubbard), this scholarly text
should prove of interest to
many concerned with Dianetics,
Scientology, Human Engineering, etc., and related cults,
and to ABERREE fans generally,
tho as far as Di. & Sci. are
concerned, in view of the
author's apparent training in
the schools of Wundt and Freud,
Ron might not agree. Nonetheless, I think it might, with
justification, have been included in de.1ille's bibliography in his 'Introduction to
"Some Pelican titles bear
the legend, 'Not for sale in
the U.S. A.' but this is one
of the exceptions." -- A.Spence,
Fife, Scotland.
"Don't want to miss your
wonderful magazine. I enjoy it