Volume 6, Issue 4, page 13

much evil in the world. It
seems to me that we must rid
the world of evil. -- O. T., OkSee D lahEA
DEAR 0. -- Good and evil are
words used by those who spread
for. "hell-fire and damnation"
doctrine. It is a wonder you
ti. did not want to save my soul,
for that would have made your
~f ration complete. As I see it,
the world is little different
oration Yoe.\~~ / f today than it always has been.
7 True, our way of doing things
By "LOUIS" is different, but man is some- 1 Rains, providing a red
what the same as he has always "carpet " of wet clay, welcomed
Send your question direct to LOUIS. P.O . been -- a bit more enlightened, huth and Arthur Bnrks when
Box 21, Morristown, Ariz. Enclose self despite our advanced ways of they stopped in Enid on their
addressed, stamped envelope for personal disposing of one another. The way back to Paradise, Penn.,
reply in case there is not room for an God of which those of my kind after a winter in dry Aridzoanswer in the columns of The *aem E. speak is the God of everything na. But "it felt good", Burks
DEAR LOUIS -- I have just -- does not the Bible say , "I said, mentioning that this was
bought a piece of property and am the God of Good and Evil "? one of the beneficences of Nawould like to dig a well. Where Let's forget this evil busi- ture they had most missed durwill I find good water at a ness and concentrate on good. ing their stay under the hot,
low level? -- J.C.L., New Mexico. Let's think of God as omnipo- dry, hell thy "desert dome ".

DEAR J. -- As I see it, this tence; then, everything is The (Did we get the correct spellDEAR Rf land is around 50 to Father. Doesn 't this simplify ing on that hell thy, Arthur?)
60 acres in size, and d I see things?