Volume 6, Issue 4, page 9



IN THE minds of many persons today is a serious concern for the future. And rightly so.
It could be peace and harmony, or war and
disaster, depending upon how the atomic
power is used. This depends upon people and
people are controlled by emotion—love,
nate, fear, and tranquility.

What can you, the reader, do about it? More
than you may realize. As an individual, you
can, and do, help mold the future by your
thoughts and actions of today.

All emotions can be divided into two categories -- Love and fear. Any other emotions tend
to be subdivisions, or distortions, of these
two prime emotions, of which love (affinity)
is the prime basic emotion and fear the secondary emotion created by the absence of love,
or affinity.

Fear is induced by violence, or suggested
violence, which brings about a break in affinity. In its subtler form, it-is induced by
withholding love or affinity, creating an absence, and is further amplified by the suggestion of withholding or preventing its return.

Fear, as a survival factor, is important. A
child, or any offspring of any human or animal,
is protected during the early stages of its
existence -- usually by its parents. From conception on, it is either in a womb or egg or
some protective shelter during formative stages. After birth, it faces more dangers, and
as it grows, it either survives thru experience
or perishes, dependent on environmental factors.

But in the beginning, it came into existence
thru the law of love (affinity, sex, mother
love, etc.) Later, in conflict with a greater
environment, impacts taught survival thru induction of fear thru close brushes with death.

Today, we have propagandists of fear—fear
of atomic war, fear of cancer, tuberculosis,
cerebral palsy, and hosts of other items to
fear; all these in addition to fears of foul
play by those supposedly presenting themselves
as benefactors of humanity. While these things
do constitute a threat, it should be recognized that if you are overly fearful of these
potential perils, you as an individual tend to
put too much mental attention on these concepts of disease and destruction, feeding
enough energies into these ideas to make them
real. The concept of granting beingness applies to both good and bad mental pictures.

Persistent mockups of atomic war and its
effects tend to bring it about. Persistent
mockups of a peaceful future with atomic energy harnessed for peace tends to bring that
about also. The choice is yours as to which
concepts you feed with your mental energies.

You do not negate concepts of destruction
by visualizing it and saying, "This is what I
do NOT want to happen." What you visualize you
feed. You negate by visualizing what you want
and feeding it with will power.

It is simple enough in concept but harder
in reality. With cold war headlines and hot war
suggestions bombarding the world, the main way
to battle it is to realize that it could happen,
that it is the fears of different individuals
and groups who have so little self-confidence
that they compulsively shout these fears for
others to share, or some individuals—either
for profit, power, or malicious destructive
intent -- try to induce fear to gain their ends.

You may ask, How do I know these fear-mongers may not be right? Maybe I should concern
myself with what they are saying. My survival
may depend upon it.

It is the wrong slant. Your survival depends more on what you think than what others
think. No one else can survive as you, but

Control your own personal universe. Keep
your fears balanced with optimism and plan
ahead 5, 10, 50 years into the future. If
enough people do it, there will be a future.
Politicians, business men, and religious leaders do it, and so can you. If you cannot make
definite plans, then set up goals you wish to
achieve -- the more the better, but keep them in
line with potential possibilities.

The danger of fear propagation is in panic.
A mass of people who panic become non-thinking
animals and are ripe for any loud-mouth character who gains their attention sympathetically. Reason flies out the window, and if the
loud-mouth belongs to a fear-monger, then you
can readily see that the masses gladly feed
the mock-ups of the loud-mouth. Hitler and
others demonstrated this in the past. There
have been loud-mouths for peace as well, and
they have done much good when they happened to
be available at the right time.

To give a clearer understanding of love and
fear, realize that love is always associated
with warmth and intimacy, whereas fear is always associated with coldness and separateness.
Persons in love seek each other. Persons in
fear, flee from each other. When people fear
each other yet still remain together, it is
because the fear is not strong enough to overcome the love of companionship. So, a watchful
association becomes established.

There a r e two classes of people in the
world: People polarized to fear, who love fear
and coldness and violence. It is embodied in
their religion, politics, business, and social
activities. Everything they do involves penalties and sacrifices, and a beat-the-other-guybefore-he-beats-you attitude.

Then there are those polarized to love. It
is embodied in their religion, politics, business, and social activities also. They do not
demand penalties and sacrifices, but give help
to those who need help and expect the same in
return. Superficially, they often are victimized by the fear-people who take and do not
return, and so seem to be the weak sisters in
society. However, it is these weak sisters who
take a beating, yet get up and keep plugging,
who keep society together. The love-people,
depending on localities, usually are outnumbered, and therefore operate at a terrific
numerical disadvantage.

These two classes of people find a terrific
attraction for one another. Thru marriage and
propagation, they produce neutral offspring,
which, as they grow older, tend to go off balance into the fear or love sides of humanity,
according to environmental factors. If children are bullied, ignored, and suffer enough
injustices, they become fear-people. If children are loved, protected, and get enough attention, they polarize into love-people. Wise
parents keep children polarized on the love