Volume 6, Issue 4, page 10

side. Foolish parents use fear.

If you are sensitive enough and look for
it, you can feel the difference in individuals
and learn to recognize both types. When you
find one who seems neutral and is an adult,
you have areal high-class type of human being.
Active, tolerant, efficient, and very capable.
He is a person who keeps fear minimized and
love moderated, and can readily oscillate from
one extreme to the other and find a ready balance for normal living. No panic. No reformer.
Acceptable and likable by all, or most, people.
This is the result of proper perspective in
mental concepts: It could happen but this is
what I prefer. As simple as that. Learn to
balance off your own emotions of fear and
trepidation by living life now with confidence
in tomorrow, and the world is better as a
whole because you think this way. Any system
of therapy, religion, or social practice should
be directed and applied to reach this goal.

If you fear things, and seek therapy -- yoga
or any system -- to the, end - that you wish to
sublimate it enough so that you can beat up
the one you fear, flirt with the disease you
fear, or be able to violate laws and social
customs without fear, then you will be wasting
your time. You will find factors in your environment biggers-than you are, and you'll go
scrambling back for more therapy.

The point is to recognize the merits of
opposition, and meet it with proper- respect
and precaution.
it -- -tr- *