Volume 6, Issue 4, page 11

Christ if
is condition it travels instantaneously. The
radio set changes the static back into the vibratory law of sound. This presents us the
broadcasted program in less time than it takes
an orator's voice to carry to the back seats
of an ordinary hall.

The Christ Law is the field of regenerative
action. The radio wave is just one, merely a
minor, merely an outside expression, of this
vast system. This higher system contains, as
Part VIII its major action, the expression of eternal
LECTRICITY has a distinctive law of action. life. Tho man depends upon the regenerative
L Here we find fire flowing with lightning expression of the radio law, he has yet to
rapidity thru solid matter. Seldom do we discover just what it is that he is using; he
consider the marvelousness of this phenom- has yet to realize he has contacted a fracenon. If we, however, analyze this law, tional part of a great undeveloped field far
some very interesting and applicable superior to the one known previously.
knowledge is revealed. As explained in a previous chapter, all the
In the mind law, or the law of this time lesser kingdoms of energy and matter owe their
and space universe, all is vibration. What existence to the highest kingdom. The human
constitutes our world of energy and matter kingdom being the highest (that is, in exwith its many phases of incongruities is the pressionl, everything outside the human kingfield of the countless vibratory energies.

Fire, Air, Earth, Water are the four major divisions of the four major degrees of vibration.

Electricity is a certain high vibration in
the fire degree of energy and very similar to
water in its expression -- it flows like water
but has the speed of the fire element. Like
water, also, leakage occurs if its carrier is
faulty. Water alone resists electricity very
strongly, but water and earth together make a
good conductor or absorber of this vibratory

In the setup of the many degrees in the
four elements, we find octaves and chords which
consist of very pronounced relationships between the vibrations involved. The four elements, tho being pronouncedly relative, are
distinctly different in their particular fields.

Knowing that mental time and space action is
all vibration, we see that on a general scale,
fire is merely the high vibration while water
is the low vibration, with its sub-element of
crystalized water being the mineral kingdom.
Run the state of vibration which is fire clear
out or down thru the whole series of elements
and we have coal, stone, iron. Mineral is condensed fire; set up the right condition for a
return to the first state and the mineral goes
back to fire, such as coal and steel burning.

Chemistry is mostly the knowledge of how to
change one vibration to another. The chemist
will tell you there is no difference between
energy and matter except the state or degree
of vibration.

Electricity is a connecting vibration to
other laws that are not vibratory. For instance, the so-called telegraph and radio waves
are not vibratory, they belong to a different
system from the vibratory system of the mental
universe. They are regenerative with instantaneous action, instead of the time-taking expression of the vibratory laws. The static law
of the radio does not belong to the vibratory
universe; it belongs to a regenerative universe.

Nevertheless, electricity harmonizes with
and aids the function of the static law. In
like manner, the regulated mind will help and
aid the static or regenerative action of the
Grist Law. With electricity alone, the radio
would not function; it is the static law of
dom is dependent upon and receives its energy
from this first kingdom. Nothing can be released in this universe of man unless the primary action be passed thru the human body.

This brings us to the cause of the radio
wave, the cosmic ray, and other regenerative
energies. If it were not for the life cell regenerative action released in the human kingdom, the telegraph wave, the radio wave, and
the cosmic ray could not exist outside the human body. Every law must have a first pole of
action; the human kingdom is the first pole of
action for this universe.

About the year 1890, Marconi began to suspicion the possibility of a different law of
life from that expressed by man. He, like
Thomas Edison, unconsciously arranged his mind
so that it was not a hindrance to the inner
growth and development of a hitherto inactive
law. Several years later, this inner life cell
action was strong enough to set up a relative
regenerative action in the elements. Marconi,
being either sensitive or relative to the setup second pole of action, responded by producing the wireless.

With the increase of the cosmic ray action
and the strengthening of the regenerative
spheres, television improves in its expression. Television outside the body may well be a
forerunner of individual visionary powers never before experienced. If more persons develop
the "Life Cell" action, the outer pole of the
television wave will become more and more
effective, and ways and means and understandings will come to light all conducive to
changing man, bringing forth a different " IMhBR SELF".

These "outer expressions" of the radio wave
regenerative laws are concrete proof, to one
who understands the higher life law, of the
mighty scientific possibilities inherent in
this new system of action. All that is needed
is a systematic development, and undreamed of
riches will be for the benefit of all mankind.

The greatest and most important riches are
the changes that will take place in the body
of man himself, where the life cell will replace the "vibratory" death cell, and supersense states of comprehension will come into
being, revealing each succeeding degree of the
regeneration that makes the radio possible. majestic, eternal, perfect law of regenerative
Scientists do not understand the radio wave; life.
it is amystery to them because their knowledge (Continued in the next issue)
consists of that which pertains to vibratory 010
actions, not regenerative actions. Happy is the man who knows what to remember
With t h e use of electricity, sound is in the past, what to enjoy in the present, and
changed into a static condition. In this stat- what to plan in the future. -- The ELBEETEE.