Volume 6, Issue 4, page 14

usually happens at 10 o'clock
at night...
1 R Crabb, who is somewhat of an expert on the subject of "Flying Saucers ", has
answered an urgent S.O.S. from
Meade Layne, and is moving to
San Diego to assist in the editing of ROUND ROBIN, official
publication of the Borderline
Science Research Association.
In the meantime, Riley has offered The ABERREE some copy on
these "what - are - they - fromwheres", which we intend to
start printing some of these
months. Of course, as with
everything else appearing in
The ABERREE, you don't have to
believe in them -- if you have
all the answers wrapped up and
tied with pretty purple ribbons...
4 Moving day always seems
to make once-respected "treasures " less valuable -- which is
why The ABERREE Lending Library suddenly finds itself
enriched by a large box of Dianetics/Scientology books, going back to a first edition of
"Book One" -- all giftsof Alm
Householder, who only recently
moved from Birmingham, Ala.,
to Morgantown, W.Va. Thank
you, Sam...