Volume 9, Issue 3, page 12

bolic, altho the drawings in the Yoga literature symbolize them as flowers. They may be
envisioned as flowers with a number of petals,
and they have a spin to them. The one which is
above the head has a double spin; that is, the
inside or lower part of it spins one way, while
the top seems to spin the other way. None of
those with whom I have worked, who picked up
the chakras, have actually seen them as colored flowers, or, in fact, as colored.

How do you pick up awareness of these chakras? By the time you have reached this lesson,
you should be to some extent already cognizant
of them, or approximately where they are, at
least, because the awareness of them develops
as a result of controlling and balancing emotion within the body. If it is completely balanced and brought under control and call, and
you are aware of where it originates and how
it originates, then you are aware of the control centers or chakras.

How these will appear to you, I cannot say.
To some people, they seem to be little balls
of fire, or of energy, or as a small ball of
confusion which resolves. In general, they are
something like a morning glory with its base
toward the spine. There are seven major chakras:
The first, or lowest, is in the perineum,
the little piece of skin which is on the very
bottom of you when you sit down.

The second is at the base of the generative organ, either in man or woman.

The third is in the solar plexus. This, by
the way, is the major chakra inside the body
and is the one concerned with healing. To it,
Christ and the crucifixion are assigned, and
other similar attributes.

The fourth is in the breast -- actually, in
the sternum, the breastbone -- and very frequently in running the dichotomies you will get
a feeling of something pressing in there on
your chest. If you pull that little pressure in
and out, you will find that particular chakra.

The fifth is in the larynx, the throat.

The sixth, which is most commonly known to
metaphysicians, is the one which corresponds
approximately with the location of the pineal
gland, behind the forehead, and is sometimes
called "The eye of the mind".

The seventh is the one above the head. In
Yoga it is called, "The thousand-petaled lotus', in the Qabalistic terminology it is "the
crown"; Scientology has no specific name for
it or for any of the others, simply mentioning
that they exist and not stating where or how.
This chakra feels rather like wearing a crown
or a huge flower above the head -- not in it, you
will observe. This chakra is assigned to God,
or the origin of the universe, or, whatever
force powers us with life.

There is another which is never shown on
any diagram and only mentioned in passing in
the literature. It is located at the back of
the neck, and the Hebrew name for it in esoteric
literature is "Daath ". The implication is that
it corresponds with certain properties having
to do with death.

Having located the chakras and developed an
awareness of them, what can you do with them?
The highest form of use is to become the
chakra. At first you sense it, you become aware
of it and feel that it's there. In order to
develop its use, your purpose is to become the
chakra and shut out everything else; and in so
doing you will develop the abilities of that
particular chakra. Holding the mind within any
one of them for a period of time exceeding 10
minutes (less than 10 minutes probably will get
you nothing) will develop the psychic abilities
which are connected to that specific chakra.

All the abilities of ESP will be found relatea
to one or more of these control centers, and
this exercise is one of the roads to such

The two chakras at the base of the spine are
concerned with sex and the control of matter,
I understand. I haven't done too much work
with these two and don't know exactly what the
appropriate exercises are for them, but in any
case, holding your attention within the area
and being the chakra will produce most of the
results related to it sooner or later.

Since the chakra in the solar plexus deals
with healing, one of the games you can play with
it is to imagine yourself standing in water up
to that point. Then feel little ripples going
out from the chakra, from that particular point
in the center of the body. Feel them spreading
out until they hit something and reflect back,
as a sort of radar. Consider them in reflecting
back to bring with them the shape and the state
of that which they hit, and study the way you
feel when they return to you. If you do this
in a room full of people and are good at it,
you may pick up every ache and pain and broken
bone or other healed or existing physical disorder in the room. Now, if you don't have much
sympathy with these people, you'll be fairly
comfortable. But if you have a lot of sympathy, or your agreement with them is high, this
is not a good game to play,
I can't tell you exactly what the chest
chakra is concerned with either. There are
others, too; if you happen to be strongly
right- or left-handed, you'll find that one
side of your head or the other, about halfway
down toward the ears, is a control center.
You'll feel something pushing in and out there,
as if a little piece of the head actually
pushes up and down. If you only catch it on
one side, the chances are you're overbalanced.
Too much attention or hard work has been loaded
on one side of the body and not enough on t h e

Concentration on the chakra of the throat
is supposed to produce ability for clairaudience and the understanding of voices and sounds.

With the chakra located at the pineal gland,
try making a little ball, the smallest ball you
can conceive, and then blowing it up to an infinite size. Contract it again, blow it up, and
keep doing this. Then take that little ball and
move it around to look at things. Use it as an
eye, a viewpoint. I f you drill enough and
practice enough at this, you can make for yourself a very nice viewpoint to shift around and
poke into things you want to see. It takes a
lot of practice, tho, so don't check yourself
too closely or worry about immediate results.
Even if the results don't seem to check, you
still may be getting more than you realize.
For instance, your time may be out of adjustment, and in looking into the next room, you
may be seeing what will be there next week instead of today, if your instructions aren't
exactly clear.

For the crown chakra, I use the "flower of
life" concept on this; that is, I consider it
to be a flower, the lotus, and in each petal, I
hold one person with whom I am working and
whom I am trying, literally, to bring closer to
what I have found to be true reality and personal growth. There are other ways to develop
this chakra. The highest order of consciousness is held to be the ability to move your
entire awareness (or whatever you use for consciousness) up until it is the crown chakra,
and from there to reach back to that which generates this particular chakra. the main source
12 The ABERREE JUNE, 1962