Volume 6, Issue 4, page 6

had no faith that anything had happened
except that I had satisfied the auditor.

However, the Sunday before this we had
gone on a nice straight road to a place
in the desert where Remi wanted to look
at some stone. On arrival, I was so ill I
had to stay in the car. The Saturday after this we drove up to Santa Barbara.
Against my better judgment, I was persuaded to go along. I kept expecting the familiar motion-sickness and all its misery,
but nothing happened. We decided to push
an to Jalama, a remote beach reached by a
roller-coaster road. Nothing happened. We
came home by a roller-coaster route. No
motion-sickness. Before this "imaginary"
incident, I wouldn't have gone up in a
plane for $10,000. Since then, I have
made many trips by bus, by train, by
'plane -- no motion-sickness. One trip, from
Wichita back here, was thru such a bad
storm that the plane did not let down at
Amarillo, but continued straight thru to
Phoenix, making some startling drops and
bounces. Half the basketball team from
Pepperdine College was aboard -- fine strong
young men half my age. Almost every passenger was sick, including them. I took
care of a woman's baby for her while she
wished she could die. And the worse it
all was (sight, sound, SMELL, motion --
every inducement!) the more it became one
of my life's happiest and most memorable
pleasure moments. By now I am quite willing to think that that "imaginary " prenatal wasn't; but No, Virginia, Dianetics
is NOT faith healing.

Now, looking back over my nine years,
I find these other benefits: My hair was
arrested in its graying ( it had just
started, and the few gray hairs I had
then I have now to prove I do not dye it);
no more colds; no more "sick-and-tireds ",
either as an habitual form of thought
about matters causing annoyance or experience; no more anger dramatizations except
when they will serve a purpose (and I do
not feel them in the body); when a very
severe loss or other grief hits me, I may
spurt a few tears and about twO sobs, and
then it's all over (I used to be extremely
soggy!); apathy seems to be at a minimum;
my crooked backbone is constantly straightening (which causes local pain in the
areas currently being "worked" but the
somatics are much decreased otherwise);
my chronic headaches went in 1950; hearing has greatly improved; I lost an urgency about time (I used to gallop from
task to task because I never had enough
time) and now seem to have plenty of time
for whatever I want to accomplish. Best
of all, my old urge to write has returned
and I am now engaged in starting a new
career as a writer, and my mind feels 27
years old! I even can enjoy again reading quite abstruse books. And do.

However, I have had my goodly measure
of invalidations, too. But I won't go into them at this time. Maybe later.
'w ERACLITUS (535-475 B.C.) held that thruout
the universe, there exists a prime substance which he calls Fiery Ether. Long
before him, the Ancient Masters called it
Astral Light. Modern science calls it Cosmic Radiation. Dr. Velikovsky called it
Electro - Magnetism (Earth in Upheaval ). Dr.
Callicho called it Electricity, and said:
"Everything in existence consists of electricity... The entire universe is moved by the
positive and negative forces of electrical
action: And all operations of nature in and on
the earth and its elements, are carried on by
the same force...
"Whether it be crystallization or disintegration, the growth of vegetables or their
decomposition, or the crumbling particles of
mountain rock -- all motions visible and invisible that transpire in the mineral (and animal)
kingdoms, in all their multifarious operations, are produced by electricity, which is
the universal agent that keeps up the harmony
and order of the universe" (Electronology).

Electricity, the exact nature of which is
still unknown, appears in different forms,
concentrated as particles of matter called
electrons and protons, in rapid motion as
light, in radiation, radio-telegraph waves, etc.

Again, Heraclitus said that the element
called Life is "a portion of Universal Fire
(electricity) imprisoned in a body constituted
of water and earth " . And that water and earth
are nothing more nor less than condensed electricity.

This Living Fire, the Greeks described as
being "more ancient than the body". For it has
traveled the cycles of incarnation in many
bodies, donning and doffing them as garments
of contact with the terrestrial realm.

And that was the Golden Secret of the Ancient Masters.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead, said to be
the oldest of all Bibles, majestically phrased
the process in these words: The Ego projects
itself into one physical embodiment after another, as it " steppeth onward thru eternity .%
The Ego, called "The Knower ", is the Living
Fire, also called Spark of Life, and consists
of Universal Electricity, the Eternal Element
without beginning and without end. Supremely
free and independent of all control, its action makes the law. Law rises as the Ego acts.
In the absence of action, no law is indicated.

This is so in all things, all events, on
all levels of existence. Law per se does not
exist. The term simply designates the course
of action and describes the effects. Thus we
see why it was imperative, in the very life of
Christianity, for the cunning church fathers
to sink all such ancient knowledge so deeply
in the sea of oblivion that it could never be
resurrected. But they failed. Truth will eventually rise to the surface to taunt those who
try to suppress it.

Unprejudiced researchers have finally found
the Golden Secret of the Ancient Masters. They
taught that Life is Eternal, and that Paradise
is in man, not far afield in space. The Living
e ;> e S;nIe