Volume 6, Issue 4, page 3

From the Memories of Former Atlanteans, Lifting Devices, Subud, and
N-Stress Are Being Re-developed and Given Back to Man, Says Seer
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From an Interview with THELA NEWCOMER
RAVITY, being a force no one can explain with any degree of intelligibility, has become to most of us
similar to what the differential is
to the average motorist. As long as
it works, who cares? We're glad "it"
(gravity) is there -- because without
"it", how would we know, when we
start for home at night, that centrifugal force might not have sent
our homes spinning into orbit after one
of the latest Sputniks? But Sputnik and
rocket builders, on the other hand, could
be saved a lot of effort and money if they
didn't have to burn so much fuel breaking
gravitational contact. Of course, there
might be an added problem: Once in space,
what would keep said Sputnik or rocket in
orbit, and not zipping off on a course of
its own into the unexplored nowhere. Or,
without gravity, would there be an "unexplored nowhere"? All of which means
nothing to anybody -- except:
One of our readers, certain that we
weren't keeping up on all the technical
threats as reported in some of the phenomena contemporaries , wrote that "Antigravity devices are a fact; what can you
tell nle about them?" Since we and the
ouija board are temporarily on non-communicating terms, we took our reader's
question (and a few dubbed in of our
own) , to our favorite psychometrist ,
Thela Newcomer, who can bypass her conscious mind and bank , and shake out answers that have been hidden in the folds
of the curtains of time like you'd shake
moths from your stored draperies. So, to
cut this rambling preamble short, here
are the Q's and A's, as transcribed from
her tape:
Is it possible to construct a mechanical,
anti-gravity device?
Yes, but the device in existence at present
doesn't need to be worried about. It won't
hold up for any length of time. However, in 15
or 17 years, there will be one that will hold
up. By that time, the dangers and fears that
now exist no longer need be feared.

Will it be military primarily?
In asense -- but not the military stuff we're
afraid of now. An anti-gravity device would
toss everything that we know of into a state
of indecision, and you couldn't depend on anything on the face of the earth as constant.
When an anti-gravity device does come into being, there'll be something to offset the bad
effects of it. It looks to me as tho it had
something to do with mineral deposits, altho I
don't see how mineral deposits would offset an
anti-gravity device. But that's what it looks
has a device been perfected at this .time?
No, not perfected. The one they now have
will work spasmodically