Volume 6, Issue 4, page 16

their initial delivery, in Secret Doctrine, Kaballah, Max
some sort of package or an- Heindel and with A.M.O.R.C.
other; therefore, let us with also? Do we not have to believe
perception open this package in every one of them? And does
and discover the benefit with- it not bring out an editorial
in, and not become tangled and more strongly, 'If the shoe
frustrated in the string with fits, wear it'? And why should
which it is tied. we believe the 'Masters' that
"The method with which one Rev. Jacob Kristy is writing
illuminates a subject -- be it about, or Professor Hotema
with candlelight or a high- that it seems Mr. Kristy has
powered electric light -- does studied? The Reverend can be
not matter, unless one is only led astray by the sacred Tarot.
interested in the light in- Is it the True Tarot, Mr. Krisstead of the subject matter ty? I think not. But it still
thus illuminated. goes, if the shoe fits wear
"We have in instances such it. Anything that makes one
as this a similarity to a happy in this world, I wouldconfused chicken pecking at n't call wrong, if it brought
its own shadow on the wall, no ill or suffering to man or
unaware that itself is the beast or bird.
projector of this shadow -- and "I consider the article
perhaps better off with a lit- honest, sincere, and possesstle less light that the shadow ing far more of that simple
will not be so pronounced -- un- faith and trust which is a
til the chick becomes more fa- virtue so many of us lack. We
miliar with itself as a being, shall not be punished for anyas against the mere nonentity thing we believe, we may for
of the shadow-seeking type. what we do, or fail to do to
"As this is a self-evident the creatures, including man,
truth, it is also a self-ap- of an All-Wise Creator. I conplicable truth, for no one is gratulate you, Mr. Editor, for
entirely free of these shadow seeing fit to print that artipatterns. Therefore, we must cle. There's a lesson that
remember when inclined to crit- highbrows can't teach." -- John
icize what seems the shadowy Dobbs, S. Burnaby, B.C.
impressions of another; in all 4 4 4
probability what we are seeing "Would like. to tell you
is a mere reflection of our what a nice sounding board you
own. " -- Yem McCormick, Steno -- have, and what a nice job of
uood, Wash. 4 4 4 editing you do, but hate to
put you to the expense of buy"Some may say that the ar- ing a larger hat... (ED. NOTE :
ticle by Jacob Apsel, 'God We wear an eye-shade, which is
Created Man in His Form', was inexpensively adjustable to
too simple and out of place in both brickbats and flowers.)
The ABERREE. So, in case it "Are they both right or is
should raise controversy, I one a step ahead of the other?
would like to say I considered I mean Apsel and 'The Little
the article splendid and full One's' dissertation in the June
of common horsesense, if that issue and the one by Pulyan
is the only kind we humans do relating to Zen and Subud. I
possess. notice the AB has been quite
"This article brought out generous to Subud lately and
something for those who can the current issue has numerous
see it, a simple trusting references to it. I had read
childlike faith in an over- Bennett's 'Concerning Subud',
ruling Deity. We must admit and then read Vic Torrey's
that no one can create some- letter on the back page of a
thing out of nothing, and sci- recent ABERREE. Thanks to your
ence has gotten down to the forwarding my letter to Vic, I
atoms and finds out that it have been in constant communihas to have different kinds of, cation with him. He is a most
let us say, instruments, before vociferous writer and was most
it can follow the atom farther, happy to share his opinions of
and it matters not how far ma- Subud...
terialistic scientists stretch "Mrs. Lunt went to Tafipa
their necks, it is left with where the latihans were con'The Little Ones' who will ducted by Mr. Bennett. I have
never get a well-paid job or just recently returned from
their names in the paper, to New York whence I journeyed to
tell us what happens to the latihan with Pak Subuh and Mr.
atom when the atom is no more. Bennett. The New Yorkers have
"Who amongst us hasn't got quite a group and adding new
fed up to the gills with the ones daily. They've rented a
Root Races, Kalpas, Yugas, large three-story building for
Sevenfold Principles, Plane- their get-togethers and it is
tary Chains, Rounds, Sweden- quite an expensive undertaking
borg's Heaven and Hell, Oahspe, for than. and they will need

to maintain their interest to
support it.

Pulyan's article on Subud
and Zen (maybe they are different names for the same
thing) covered the subject as
well and as thoroly as is currently possible. I an sure.
"One has difficulty in trying to explain Subud because
there is little if any philosophy associated with it. What
one would possibly attribute
to faith is not in the last
analysis faith as much as possibly surrender. Lt could
hardly be associated with
auto-suggestion because in my
own case, I would not have
known what to suggest nor even
what to look for or expect.
When 'It' came upon me, I was
actually thinking about a letter I had forgotten to mail
and was even reviewing the
contents of the letter and of
something I was wondering if I
should have included. It was
More as if one 'personality'
was engaged in one aspect and
the other being used for something. The something seemed to
be a repair of the physical
body. In subsequent latihand I
became more convinced that
physical repair was the dominant motive, plus awareness of
certain factors which should
be eliminated in my 'living'
"While I am totally unaware
of the force behind Subud, I
am nevertheless aware of it
and also more aware of awareness. There is much which could
be said, but it means nothing
until you have experienced It
yourself." -- Dr. E. Lunt, Macon, Ga. 4 4 4
"By now I've returned to my
normal obnoxious self. Full of
skepticism and as stubborn as
a Missouri mule. I've seen miracles, I know, but I can now
intellectualize enough about
them to convince myself and
others that they are only the
action of natural laws working
out their progression thru
time. Or can I really convince
''As to the atheist you talk
about, did you know that there
is really no such 'animule' as
an atheist? An atheist is supposedly one who denies God but
in order to deny something, you
must first have formed some
concepts about the thing you
are denying. By this you are
giving your denials power to
create the thing you wish to
deny. And you must first create before you can destroy.
"The farther I go the more
tolerant I become... I'm glad
there are so varied religious
beliefs. Suppose there were