Volume 6, Issue 4, page 4

like to get something started on earth to our
advantage. It's a mind (or many minds) who
have come to men (in bodies, of course, such
as came to Alice Bailey, or numerous others of
that kind. There's a mind here which knows we
are now in a position where it can be used.
Just as Hubbard started along with Scientology
a few years ago, this is another step forward
along the line of man eliminating his old difficulties back over the track -- done in a different way, but forthe man who can't afford
to get auditing, or who can't put out any
great efforts in terms of leaving his job and
his ordinary obligations, Subud can be used by
that man. For the man trying to become completely a free-self, this is one of the many
methods that are coming along and will come
along -- and this isn't the last one, either.

The mind that is bringing this is one that
was in a body here not too long ago. He's used
it in the past, and also in other places on
the time track. Originally, it had a lot to do
with electronic phenomena, and that's what
these balls of light were that entered Subuh's
head. They were not from a machine, but were
made from a mind. These balls are thrown from
one mind to another mind; some enter at the
top of the head, and others at the fore part
of the head.

The time will come again when somebody will
be in a position to throw this electronic substance at another person, and if there's enough
of it hitting, this other person starts losing
his "junk". It's a concentrated mass of mind
substance, and its use is highly desirable,
just as it was at various times in the past
which have been forgotten.

Is the N -Stress an ancient healing machine
rediscovered at this time and modernszed for
the good of mankind?
Strange as it may seem, N-Stress and Subud are not too different, except that they
are done differently. The effect is pretty much
the same. N-Stress is having more direct and
more physical force related to it. It works
more deliberately and produces a quicker, more
decided, more specific type of effect than Subud produces.

These bubbles, or globes, or streams of
light -- whatever they use -- were thrown to hit
the third eye in the center of the forehead,
or they were dropped in the top of the head.

The N-stress *ill hit the third eye and
will go thru and hit the gland in the center
and also includes the occiput -- and the occiput
is like a telephone exchange for the. centers.
These various centers send their energy up
thru this exchange which transfers it over an
entirely different type energy to the centers
of the head. When the N -Stress is used, the
force will thrust into the third eye and thru
the exchange back there and to some extent
thru the top, but mainly thru the third eye
into the gland, and also thru the occiput into
the gland