Volume 6, Issue 4, page 8

likely it is that truth -- the ultimate
truth, remember, that all the world is
seeking -- should turn up so casually in
these pages. I like The ABERREE, of course ,
and admire the courage of the editor in
presenting even such off-beat and futile
articles as this one.

Where are these awakened people he
talks of? In Russia? In the Chinese communes? Then why don 't they make themselves
heard ? Why are they silent here ? _ Are
these not desperate times ?
As for Zen, who claims that they believe in God, or try to find God? Certainly no Buddhist, and the whole aim of
Zen is to realize one's self -- not some
other Self, even if there is one.

This man is making a mish-mash of all
religions, Eastern and Western, to suit
his own theory. Fbrtunately, he will fool
nobody but himself.

REBUTTAL: The "domination" he speaks of
is less than one's experience of school
life or with a psychoanalyst at $1,500 or
more per annum, " Till death do us part ".
It may indeed be only a few months. I
would prefer the term "friendship".

As for "speaking out", who would believe us? Is this critique not proof of
that? Besides, between a person who believes in God and one who doesn't, there
is not much difference. The poet Browning
said that one calls the chessboard white,
the other black; to know is different.

As for Zen, everybody seems to be an
authority, even if they never have had a
satori, including the "beat generation"
who use it for "kicks".

As for Santayana, what would happen if
a man at target practice aimed at the
moon because the target was "unworthy of
him" ? He would no doubt be told to " lower
his sights" to something possible.

As for the ceiling to the mind, there
was a story by H. G. Wells about a traveler who encountered a blind but advanced
race in a deep enclosed valley. This community believed there was a very, very
smooth ceiling above them and just out of
reach, which it was blasphemous to deny.
At first, the traveler thought he could
enlighten them in many ways, but it did
not turn out that way. Eventually it came
to the point where he was forcibly seized
and examined by their doctors. Unanimous
opinion was that the two abnormal spherical growths on each side of the top of
his nose were responsible for his strange
actions and his wicked denial of the very,
very smooth ceiling. It was decided to
remove them. His anguished protests were
met by calm but firm reason.

As for the "Galilean", one should reread his words as tho for the first time,
forgetting as far as possible the elaborate systems that have been built on
them. I quote from the Revised Standard
"The gate is narrow and the way is
hard, that leads to life, and those who
find it are few."
"M any prophets and righteous men
longed... to hear what you hear, and did
not hear it."
"What .is impossible with men is possible wits God."
"Do not marvel that I said to you,
'You must be born anew'."
Finally, this whole critique is tonguein-cheek and disguised propaganda. But
then, what would you have me do? Split
into two?
IMPATIENT READER : Stop playing games
with yourself, you are confusing me. Do
you stand by your original article or
not? Can man find God closely, actually,
and consciously?
I cannot and dare not believe it. It
unsettles me. By all you hold sacred and
true, in God's name, do you really know?
Is it really so?
ALF'RED R. PULYAN: It is so. It is no
metaphor that we are the temple of the
living God, and I wish this practical
experience were more widespread.
Fire was their God, and the Bible says so
(Heb. 12:291. The Kingdom of Heaven and the
Realm of Glory are within the unfathomed depths
of man's Consciousness, as the Bible says
(Luke 17:211.

Preachers freely quote Biblical passages,
then distort their meaning. They recite facts,
then twist them all out of shape. That is what
they are trained to do.

The discoveries of the unprejudiced researchers show that the church fathers took
the Living Fire and embodied it in their Jesus,
the only begotten Son of God ", who was invested by them with the Ego and carried in his
body alone, all the value and meanings of Life.

The drama performed in the Ancient eateries 10,000 years ago for the edification of
the neophyte closely agreed with the series of
events narrated as the biography of the gospel
Jesus. Liberalization of ancient myths and
allegories, and historicalization of ancient
fables and dramas, served to hypostatize the
gospel Jesus, euphemize the central concept of
all ancient religions, and emasculate that
which was the most potent, most dynamic event
in human existence.

The ancient illuminati depicted the Ego's
experience in terrestrial life by means of fables