Volume 6, Issue 4, page 17

just one! How many Millions
would be without a belief in
something toward which they
can strive? Of all those who
will be interested in Subud,
probably 10% or less will stay
with it. The rest will go on
their way until they find something that suits their training and conditioning. And that
is not saying that that which
they choose will be better or
worse than Subud. Just different.
"Yes, you are right. The
only place one will ever find
God, Truth, Wisdom, Understanding is within. But to realize
this and put it into practice
is very, very difficult.
"Krishnamurti talks on the
subject of turning to your own
self to find the solution for
which we are eagerly seeking.
I would say that almost all of
his discussions are basically
'Turn within' and 'Know thyself'.
"An interesting 'testimonial' happened to me the other
day. First I dropped a heavy
weight on my right big toe ( I
wear sandals, too! ) and it
turned blue under the nail. I
got a wall drill and put a
hole into the center and drained out the congested blood and
then soaked it in hot-water.
All the pre scribed medical
procedure. It caused me no
pain after this but has some
congestion still present.. Two
days later I set a piano on my
left big toe. This swelled up
like a poisoned toad and turned
blue under the nail. This one
I treated differently. First I
tried a Dianetic assist but
all I could get out of this
was more pain and all the other times I had smashed this
toe. (Even back to the crib
when I kicked a slat with my
toe.) This hurt too much, so
after about 30 mina. of this,
I got someone to Johrei it.
This was about four hours after the injury. As they were
Johreing my toe it started to
bleed from under the nail. Considerable dark colored blood
discharged from all around the
nail. The pain began todisappear and finally ceased. Also ,
the bleeding stopped. Today,
two days after the injury and
the processing and the Johreing, the toe looks and feels
normal. End of testimonial.
Praise be to Allah!" -- Russel
Haggard, Los Angeles, Calif.
"It was q interest in the
'internal concussion of forces'
that interferes with the transmission of mental impulse flow
that led me into confronting
the problem of the mind and
emotions. Qiiropractically, JULY-AUGUST, 1959
previously was concerned primarily with nerve impingement
via misaligned vertebrae interfering and occluding mental
impulse flow from brain cell
to tissue cell caused by an
external concussion of force
subluxating vertebrae.
"Hubbard's discovery of the
engrain parallels Palmer 's discovery of subluxation.
"MEST -- wise, the subluxation
is the primary cause of disease in the physical organism.
The 'engrain' makes understandable why subluxations often do
not stay corrected even after
they have been perfectly adjusted and no additional external concussion of forces
have occurred to undo the adjustment.
"When order is put into a
body by physical adjustment it
is a direct address to spirit,
to restore function. So, even
t h o thought is senior to
structure the genetic entity
operates within the confines
of the limitations of MEW.
"Theta-wise, we'd have to
run the creative incidents of
building the genetic tracks
and body building incidents to
get senior to the present-day
physical body and improve
structure and function. Either
that or run the engrams that
have distorted structure and
function and accept the physical body and genetic entity
for what it is .
"So, until a fellow can
perceive and operate thetawise, he 'd best operate NESTwise to the best of his ability. That is what physical
science is doing. Their difficulty is that only MEST is
real to them! Theta phenomena
confounds tlihm !
"The problem with those who
try working spirit - wise or
theta-wise is that most often
they aren't very senior to
NEST and hence fail too frequently, at least to the point
where they can't very well be
depended upon.
"So, when a fellow can perceive and operate spirit-wise
and also perceive and operate
MEST-wise, he'll have it made
in or out of this universe.
It'll take good theta operation for perfect MEST Beingness, doingness, and havingness." -- J. Harold f'hibodeau,
Myrtle Beach, S. Car.
"More power to you. I find
your articles most refreshing.
Have read Mr. Trubshaw's . Seems
to me he taps deep reservoirs.
"Recently finished 'Escape
This Life Alive'. I agree, the
title is silly, but I feel the
author is genuine."