Volume 6, Issue 6, page 5

When the Precise and Complex "Machinery" We Live in Starts to Break
Down, Adequate Distribution of Life Energy May Correct Malfunction
Getting the Body Back to Its Blueprint
T IS OBVIOUS that the physical organism we call the body is constructed
Iin a very precise and amazingly complex manner. We speak or heredity
and chromosomes and attempt to account for this awe-inspiring structure. For the present, let us simply
say that there isa body intelligence
that follows a psychic blueprint for
the growth and structuring of the
billions of cells of the living human organism. Unlike the blueprints used in the
building of a home or a battleship, the
psychic blueprint provides for changes,
maturation , and healing from moment to
moment. The body intelligence, using the
life force of the body, directs the amazingly complex processes from conception
thru the prenatal period, infancy, childhood, maturity , old age , and death. This
chain of intricate events is beyond our
conscious mind fully to comprehend. But
some things we do know about it. For one
thing, the psychic blueprint is not always followed. We get sick. We build up
tension. We suffer from allergy, various
poisons and impurities. We take medicine
and have operations.

Why do we not all continue to have vital,
perfect health all our life? Why do we fail in
personal relationships, in business, and in
religion? Why do we suffer tension, insanity,
suicide, and war? What went wrong? Obviously,
the psychic blueprint has not been strictly
followed. Somewhere along the line, blunders
were committed.

It would not be wise to deduce that these
blunders were intentional . Nor should we conclude that the individual had the maturity and
foresight to avoid making them. Bpt the mistakes were made, just the same.

What is the remedy? Incantations, witch doctoring, appeasing the gods? Exercising, exorcising, blood letting, electric shock , surgery,
diet, internal medicine , hypnosis , yoga, metaphysics, mysticism, and many other procedures
have been tried, with varying degrees of failure and success.

Why? And why doesn't the body intelligence
direct the healing of the organism?
Of course, it usually does. People get well .
"Spontaneous remission" is known to account
for a large percentage of all healing of both
body and mind. At least a fair percentage enjoy
a relatively healthy and happy life. But what
about it when this doesn't occur? When the machinery breaks down and we have physical or
psychic mal function , what then?
Thirty years ago, Dr. P. E. McCoy developed
a system of control over these malfunctions,
which he called "Growth Culture", and established Restview University in Seattle with a
full four-year course. Since it grew out of
chiropractic, it more nearly approaches chiropractic than any of the other healing arts. It
was as chiropractors that the students were examined, graduated, and licensed to practice by
the State of Washington. However, chiropractors have for the most part denounced Growth
Culture because of the wide divergency of concept and basic difference of practice.

Growth Culture claims that the spine is the
source, or the principle incoming station, of
power for the body, and is the distributor of
life force. This power which comes from the
spine is not the intelligence of the psychic
blueprint, but only the driving force of life.
The intelligent power comes thru the major
nerve centers. However, these nerve centers
depend upon the power from the spine in order
to function. Growth Culture research indicates
that it is not because of "pinched nerves" or
displaced vertebrae, as maintained by chiropractors, that malfunction occurs. Without
here going into detail about how it does occur,
it may be pointed out that many religious and
metaphysical groups, as well as the more orthodox and physically-minded practitioners, agree
upon the importance of the spinal area in the
matter of distribution of energy or life force.
For example, the yogis place a great deal of
importance upon the chakras that are intimately connected with the spine.

Of much greater importance than finding the
cause of malfunction, however, is the discovery of a method for releasing or building up
this vital force by techniques that are comparatively simple- When this is done, the body
intelligence immediately goes about the business of sending the life force to the various
areas and organs of the body as needed and directed by the psychic blueprint.

The principle technique of Growth Culture
is flexing the spine in a way to release the
life force. The method of doing this is very
specific and too complex to be learned from a
brief description that might here be included.
For good results, a period of training in a
very precise procedure is required. This training can sometimes be accomplished in a week,
but usually requires a longer period.

The particular part of the spine that should
be flexed in this way at any certain session
is determined by locating bands of taut muscles
adjacent to the spine. At any one session,
there are likely to be 10 to 20 flexings required for proper balancing. After the flexing the bands usually either disappear or
soften a great deal. The story of the relationships between these bands of taut muscles
and the malfunction of specific organs of the
body is somewhat involved but very revealing.

That which takes place immediately following the flexing is of the utmost significance.
Congested blood in the spine is released and
there is a tremendous surge of energy, or life
force. This surge at first seems to be painOCTOBER, 1959 The ABERREE 5