Volume 5, Issue 2, page 15

supreme." -- Annise Pauline Galler:, Palo Alto, Calif.
"In your' cu'r'rent issue. you
have hit the nail on the head :
'the "better bridge" has become a toll bridge'. The new
systems that were going to
eliminate the vicious circle
regarding psychoanalysis -- that
those who needed it couldn't
afford it and those who could
afford it didn't need it -- seem
rather to continue the situation!
"In fact, back in 1944. a
doctor urged me to have psychotherapy at $25 an hour. His
reason was that anyone with my
intelligence and not making
money must be psycho -something-or-other. But he didn't
know how I was going to raise
the sum required to start
treatment! So I didn't go; and
got neither worse nor better.
"Happily, I was able during
the 1950's to find auditors
without expense to me, and I
think a vote of thanks is due
beed:2t a wad, in advance. (e
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MAY, 1958
all the people who have freely
given others processing when
they could have chosen instead
to charge what the traffic
would bear.
"Jumping back to your March
issue: I have a slight disagreement with your 'Let's Analyze Motives Back of O u r
Goals'. The 'goal of clear'
seems to be something like the
horizon: always receding -- that
is, no matter how far one developed, there would always be
a higher goal , something like
the carrot tied in front of
the proverbial donkey's nose.
But many of our practical MEST
electric motors work just this
way : if the south pole on the
armature ever reached the north
pole on the field that was attracting it, the motor would
stop! So the commutator changes
polarities just before such a
thing would happen, and the
motor keeps merrily turning --
and putting out useful work besides. Despite all the digressions and all the nonsense
that has been generated, I
still believe much useful work
has been accomplished by people
who have striven to be 'clear'.
Furthermore, some people have
made themselves or others relatively clear -er than the average human - -and this has
practical value.
"So much for goals ; now for
motives: Nobody can make me
think that it is wrong to desire that which will not actually harm others. Indeed, if
I don't attain some of the
things I desire, I will continue to be a burden upon society. U n l e s s I have good
health, energy, adequate income, and the work to do for
which I have trained and prepared myself and studied for
some 25 years, I am a liability to other people. Surely
you do not mean that I should
'kill out all desire' like the
Hindus, and wait in apathetic
trance for my next embodiment!"
-- Ivor Darreg, Los Angeles.
(ED. NOTE: If you will reread the March auditorial , you
will note there's a difference
in goals, and the goal of being 'clear' merely to be better than others is completely
selfish. For example, you admit you owe thanks to those
willing to help you without
making their help unobtainable
by excessive charges. What was
their goal in helping you -- to
aid a fellow man? or prove to
you how wonilprful, they were?)
"Not long ago we were discussing the business of becoming a clear, or a stable, and
how we thought it might just
be a little like Ernest in the
Great Stone Face