Volume 5, Issue 4, page 22

myself and for others. (And
this, too, I am free to change
my mind about when I meet a
real convincer.)" -- Ikey Stone,
Sierra Madre, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- When any goal --
' clear" or otherwise, is set
up as an "absolute", failure
is foreordained, because we all
KNOW that absolutes are absolutely unattainable.)

"I don't see any reason to
change the name. Some people
are never satisfied with anything. However, if you feel
you have to change it, how
about The MENTOR? " -- Dr. J.
Robert Martin, Milford, Del.

"That which a man calls
himself to himself will continue to be what he is becoming, aberree or clear. What
you have printed has been
clear, i.e., what you yourself
have said; so, why not something like The NEGATIVE POLE?
If two terminals are required
in this universe to provide an
arc, then which one is the
most important? Neither? How
right! The North Pole is no
more interesting than the South
Pole. The Positive Pole (L.
Ron) also needs a negative
like Alphia Hart -- the head and
the heart." -- Alberta Elliott,
Greenville, S. Car.

"DO NOT change the name of
The ABERREE. It. is unique.

Let's keep it that way." -- Corydon Purdy, Ft-Lauderdale, Fla.
"Why change the name of The
ABERREE? That would tend to
dissipate much of the goodwill
it has built up these five
years. As Vern Texter says,
the only thing wrong with it
is that it is not as thick as
Webster's Dictionary." -- W.
Spence, Fife, Scotland.

"Listen, Doctor, how sentiIental can you get? Can't take
it or LEAVE it? The name ABBE,
I mean. As an example to more
timid souls, don't get in a
?I/li+j Nai?
Combine processing (which
consists of drilling) with
a vacation
on a clear stream
in a cleared wood
with the help of an auditor
who is clear about the goal
of clearing.

Let's make what is right
with you more right.


Points of View
Rt. 4. Greenville, S.Car.
rut, Doctor. As an A##1 joke on
the field of human behavior,
why not call your mag SANITY?
or just CLEAR? Even CRYSTAL
CLEAR, to be quite emphatic?
"Seems to me there is some
justification to the MANY objections, and surely the Harts
have no public-be-damned policy. You state 'The name ABERREE means "straying from the
normal",' but isn't it agreed
that 'normal' is a confusing
word description? Since it is
usually based on the usual, or
average (those that run with
the pack) situation, it surely
doesn't seem to be anything
that can 'be strayed from' -- in
any event, being rather unclear in its usual application.
"I like the INFINITEE, too.
as suggested by Jim Vance. And
I think it would be real CLEAR
of you to DECIDE to make a
change to demonstrate flexibility and ABILITY to take it
or leave it. Even a pet name."
-- Marie Phelps Sweet, Hollywood, Calif.