Volume 5, Issue 4, page 6

to her satellites have increased considerably, and call for more sacrifices from
her workers.

Many are grumbling at the great showiness put up at Brussels and elsewhere at
their expense. The red-starred hall of
Soviet splendors is the richest showpiece
at the Fair. But there are two strong
schools of thought on this policy, causing
some internal strife.

The gigantic fight will continue between the two social economies, and a hot
or cold war will continue to threaten
until the world learns to solve isms and
philosophies of living thru free discussions in class rooms and lecture halls.

JAPAN There shall be unexpected
changes in the cabinet, and disagreements among its members. Troublesome
conditions shall prevail in this country.
Industrial unrest will be evident everywhere, denoting behind-the-scenes activities by political pressure groups for
both parties.

There will be expansion of the selfdefense forces, with beneficial alterations in regard to the Army, Navy, and Air

Progress is seen in work conditions.
There will be successful progress in the
channel and tunnel project between Aomori
and Hokkaido.

A heat wave is predicted for the summer. Unusually damaging thunderstorms of
a very violent nature will trouble Japan

The DOMINICAN REPUBLIC will receive a
great deal of criticism for being a refuge
for ousted dictators. It encourages a
freedom movement within its own borders.
Gen. Rafael Trujillo faces increased danger by his recent actions. Gen. Juan Peron
will renew attempts to regain power in
ARGENTINA, but some of his actions will
be sufficient to endanger his own life.

VENEZUELA, under a rich oil boom prosperity from its grand water trine. will
nevertheless suffer from clashes in domestic affairs.

NICARAGUA should be cautious and make a
special effort to keep from continuing
the mistakes of other colonials. The socalled ignorant masses seem to feel that
they, too, are entitled to some of the
good things in life. It would be better
to install reforms before existing hierarchies topple thru revolutionary action.

The desire to nationalize the PANAMA
Canal will increase as it is fast reachaugurate helicopter service in various

localities, particularly in cities nearest the capital. IThe country's population is rapidly moving toward the 40,000000 mark during the next few years, and
the heads of government are trying to
keep progress apace with this growth.

COLUMBIA is trying a new experiment in
government after 10 years of dictatorship and civil warfare. At present. a
military junta directs the nation's affairs. An election which will choose a
new congress is scheduled soon. There
will be a great deal of disagreement during this period. People believe that
Guillermo Valencia will be the new president, but I do not see this at all. There
shall be another running for this position.