Volume 5, Issue 4, page 14

"After a life-long pursuit
of the unattainable, trying
various systems and methods --
Dianetics , Human Engineering,
Arcane School, and others -- I
suddenly had a 'Burst of Insight' -- I'm still aberrated,
and quite happy about it," --
Betty Aldridge, Montgomery,

"I enjoyed ttat trip to the
moon! Every reader will no
doubt realise that it has
changed a bit since he was up
there last!
"So you are willing to
change the name? Shame on you!
..Only four years old -- what a
pair of parents she has. Just
because a few of the neighbors
don't like the sound of her
name she has got to have it
changed? How would they like
it if we said we don't like
the sound of their names and
asked them would they kindly
change them?
"It's an outrage -- in fact ,
definitely an 'Un-American activity', and the F.B.I. should
be notified without delay!!
"I can only conclude that
those subscribers who want to
change the name have become
more aberrated than they were
four years ago. Is their memory so short? Can they not recall that thrilling announcement -- 'To Mr. & Mrs. Alphia
Hart , a daughter , ABERREE --
both well '. Woe is me . Has all
sentiment vanished from the
"If we must change it, how
would 'SANITY' do?" -- Dr. James
Clark, Dalbeattie, Scotland.
"Why deprive your publication of some of the glamour
which automatically attaches
to it merely by virtue of continuity? I have noticed, in
slithering t h r u life, that
both whisks and stodges accrue
glamour. In the first class
come all those things which
one does not know well because
they move about constantly --
aviators, bus drivers, diplomats. These people are glamorous with the glamour of mobility. On the other hand, you
have libraries, monuments, old
books, mountains, and redwood
trees. The only requirement of
this class of thing is to persist, to remain relatively unchanged for a sufficient period of time, and human emotions
become attached to them.
"The contents of the ABERREE are, ideally speaking,
whisklike. But its name must
depend f o r glamour on the
stodge-value of unbroken continuity. Just change the name
to anything at all, no matter
how much more appropriate, and
you will have destroyed this
subtle glamour. Your circulation will drop severely within
a year 's time...
"While I am writing, let me
attempt to discourage the publication of some of the stomachment that has appeared in
the ABERREE w i thin recent
months. This 'reading the future' sort of thing can o n l y
make one believe that Hart is
hard up for material. And if
someone flies psychically to
the moon between the wings of
a big white swan, please delete
the portions in which they report water, rivulets, animals
sporting in the water, etc.
Otherwise one might think the
author had never studied any
astronomy whatever.
"Conversely, may I express
my catatonic admiration for
certain recent articles, particularly those by Rev. Roy
Eugene Davis. This boy is distinctly on the ball, and what
is more, expresses his findings in an altogether fine
manner... Please forward him a
hogshead of Enid cucumbers in
my name. Paul Perella, Houston, Texas. 4 4 4
"The hardest part of Synergetics for me is getting me
down into a chair answering
the questions. They are nice
and sneaky and trigger bursts
of insight in spite of me
every now and then. Highly
recommended for those who will
bludgeon themselves into half
an hour or so of daily use.
"Of course, for me at least ,
the notebook in which the answers are written needs burning
after a session. The burning
technique is honestly a good
idea. You can answer much more
honestly when you know no one
else will ever see what you
write. I think that later in
growth a stage comes where you
don't give a *&