Volume 5, Issue 4, page 3

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Desert Area, Protected By Canopy of Invisible Power and Authority, Will
"Bloom" Again, Even as I t Did When Peopled by Giants and Healers
VER SINCE I left the Valley of the
Sun, I have been receiving from
somewhere something a little different from what I expected. I '11
try to tell here what I found in
the Valley during my short visit this
Spring with Philip and Lena Friedman at
Florence, Arizona.

Casa Grande is a young building. It is
practically new. Papers say it is about
600 years old, but as a matter of fact,
it is more than twice that old. There was
an anniversary of its building while I was
on the desert. I don't remember the date;
it doesn't matter, because the Casa Grande
is only the last of a series of "Big
Houses" that have occupied the area where
the Casa Grande is now, and have been located in various other places in the Valley of the Sun.

The Valley of the Sun is one of the
most ancient places on the face of this
earth. Since time immemorial, whatever
that means, the Valley has been a place
of healing. Long before there were what
we call "Indians" there, other races were
in the Valley. The landing of the first white
people on Plymouth Rock might be called
the "homecoming" of the white race, because whites occupied this great land
mass ages and ages before there is any
record in history. I, myself, for example,
had one incarnation somewhere in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park more
than 60,000 years ago, and that time is
mere childhood in the real story of the
Valley of the Sun.

Over this Valley of the Sun there is a
dome -- it is difficult to say what it is --
but it is something like a "net" of invisible power and authority. It is one of
what the Book of Revelations calls "The
Seven Churches which are in Asia". "Asia"
is not the country Asia we know now, but
all the land mass of the world.

The Valley of the Sun dates back beyond
the era of the Tall People, and these in
turn antedate the white race. Before the
white race, as very few persons know, perhaps, and certainly there is nothing in
history to show it -- there was a violet
race and an orange race -- and these were
absorbed into t h e other races of the
world, as some day today's races will be
absorbed into one race only. And what is
the nearest to one race now?- It is the
race that is tied in with the language
called Sanskrit, which is all that remains that can be traced to the first

language that men spoke upon earth.

Let me tell a little story about the
Tall People. There is a Tibetan initiation for all monks and bishops in the Tibetan hierarchy. Recently, I read a story
of a young man who underwent this initiation in Lhasa, and part of the initiation
was for him to go deep into a tunnel that
leads to places beyond which no others
can go. All the way down there were sarcophagi and caskets -- every manner of burial that had been used thruout the years --
and when he got to the last two, they
were opened. In one was a man, in the
other, a woman. These were the first known
ancestors of the Tibetan hierarchy. The
man, he judged, was 15 feet tall, and the
woman about 13 feet 8 inches.

Almost every nation has historical
references that go something like this:
"There were giants on the earth in those
days and men of great renown." These were
the masters. They may not have been as
tall as 15 feet, altho I'm told they were,
but their stature was great because of
their spiritual progress. One of them was
among the peoples who left the Casa
Grande, long before the present ruins
ever were built, when there were other
Casa Grandes in other parts of the Valley
of the Sun. The remnants of these will be
found, probably in our lifetime, when the
Valley becomes disturbed by events that
are about to be set in motion.

Among the Northwest Indians, there is
a story of a great being known as "The
Casa Grande -- the "youngest" of a series
of "Big Houses" once dotting the desert.