Volume 5, Issue 4, page 20

immediately chemical changes
will start acting in your body
and you will begin to come
alive in a higher frequency,
but you will also begin to
take up the phases of death
contained in your form, socalled 'sicknesses of life',
for to live you also must die.
but not to the extent of losing
the body. Paul said, 'I d i e
daily' , but he was a liar in
the True sense, for he hid no
redeeming action daily to supplant the area in which he
"The efforts made today to
become 'clear' are commendable
for in a way they are parallels or a coming close to the
actual action of redemption
where the body is actually
'cleared' of a 'death block'
and not just an emotional pressure that dulls the extended
perception in the mental
realm." -- Rev. Wayne Trubshaw,
Marysville, Wash.
"I was going to sit this
one out and not contribute my
m i t e to the discussion re
changing the name. But the
wonder of your cover, by far
the best yet, and the excellence of the name INFINITEE,
which I was surprised to find
came from my compadre Jim
Vance, and the pith of Bob Arentz's statement, prompt this
"Your stroke of genius, the
INFINITES, deserves expansion.
Your waggish but scholarly editing deserves a wider audience. Your wholesome approach
deserves popular respect. This
they will never get under ABERREE.
"As a hobby, as a way of
reacting against the thralldom
in which LRH had you, ABERREE
served. I don't believe you
would have put the effort into
that cover if you were not
seriously considering that
growth deserves another suit
of clothes.
"As a hobby, ABERREE probably served. But I'll bet the
circulation list has dwindled
until you just cannot stand
too much of such a hobby. And
I'll bet there are a lot of
names around the country of
serious, sincere, able students
and workers in the field that
you would like to have on the
list, but they won't play. And
only a few of these are diehards for LRH.
"It seems to me that of all
the suggestions, the one which
ties the 'organization' INFINITES into the picture is the
one which would best serve to
unite differing factions, encompass many fields and cults,
and become the best potential
toward a circulation of many anetics' to me about 4 years
thousands. before that and said that he
"I have long wished you had found something which he
would get more articles of thought was more constructive
worth on the 'Table'. A lot of than the information we were
people among your present read- getting on how to live and
ers are depending on your mag- conduct our lives along vegeaaine to give them the contact tarian lines. We were both
with things going on. But, guests at a vegeterian hotel,
frankly, it seems to me you and in the gathering dusk, bewere willing to let them go to fore he drove back to New York
hell if you could just have city, this chap told us someyour fun. Too many people are thing about Dianetics and to
busy letting things go to hell, add to the interest, his 10Someone -- each one of us who year-old son chimed in with
can do so -- should be putting several sentences which soundout a few lifelines. ed very sensible.
"Consider our present pic- "After attending a road
tare. On t h e one hand, de- show with Ted Otteson and his
pression. On another, war wife Tam, and going thru the
clouds, with radioactive rain.

On another, constant flight
from real freedom of expression, worship, behavior. On another, active warfare against
society by the youngsters who
have become thoroly disillusionedwith elders and authority .
"Along with humor and balance we all need help. We need
more efforts l i k e Mayne Van
Vogt's 'Freedom Record', which
is fine as far as it goes. The
thing is too big for the few
who can drop everything else
and specialize. We need a volunteer army of part-time workers. The few who are willing
to so operate need encouragement, news, relief, and inspiration. Instead, they have been
getting disillusionment, fret,
self-disgust (not at themselves but at sometime leaders ) and active discouragement.
"Do they deserve this? Do
you want to use what YOU have
to give them a better deal --
and yourself a better reward
for your own discouragement?"