Volume 5, Issue 4, page 11

PSYCHOMETRIST, when looking into
the aims of self, will always find
Man urge somewhere along the way,
44 sometimes a buried desire which
later shows up, to aid and help
others. The more the psychometrist allows
this urge expression, the greater the
ability to help becomes.

Many have abilities so common to themselves that they are not even aware of
them. Here the psychometrist can bring to
the attention of the inquirer what he may
have been only dimly aware of.

This was true in the case of a middleaged inquirer who had spent all his life
caring for ailing relatives. They lived
in a house too large for present-day habits, and when the last of these relatives
passed on, the inquirer found himself
with no trade or training, no money. and
a lot of house. His health was good, but
he was so close to his problem that he
could see no solution. His entire letter
suggested kindness, and thoughtfulness for
others, and since he liked doing things
for persons who were sick, it was suggested he mortgage his house, equip it for a
convalescent home. He liked the idea, and
the radiations from his subsequent letters suggest a man 25 years younger, happy and contented. He has found his place
in life.

Another inquirer had a problem which
is all too common among so many. This
woman felt that because she had mothered
a son, the son should belong to her completely. She was unhappy with the idea of
her son marrying and working at an occupation she hadn't chosen for him. She spent
most of her waking hours thinking how much
better bff her son would be had he become
the minister she had wanted him to be
instead of the garage owner he chose to
be. She had made a life work of managing
her son and trying to look after his affairs, none of which he appeared to want.

Again it seemed the solution was so
close the inquirer couldn't see it. Since
Thela Newcomer, Box 475, Williamsport, Pa.

I enclose a donation of $ 3 for time
spent on analysis of five questions I wish
answered. (Use separate sheet for these).

My birth date: Day month
year hour A. M. or P.M
Place of birth
City State
her interest was so high in church work,
it was suggested she organize a group of
immediate church acquaintances, and they
take on the task of getting clothing together for children of the same church in
Korea. The group seemed willing to have
an efficient leader, and the inquirer was
well fitted and willing to run someone's
affairs -- and in this case, it would be on
a fair-sized scale.

During her contacts, this woman indirectly discovered a well educated and talented musician who wanted to come to this
country to study. She was able to get the
Korean girl into the United States, helped
her get a scholarship in one of the better music schools, and the girl stays
with her sponsor week-ends. All this interest in something beyond her son, an(
since she is now doing something acceptable to the receiver, makes her quite happy. In fact, the inquirer even has decidec
that "someone must run garages'' sc
maybe her son is doing what the Lord intended.

Some persons need a bit of aid in making a decision. They may have all data
necessary, or what appears to be the
truth, but they need help in looking at
the people concerned.

For example, one woman had two nice
men friends. One had been a friend of
long standing, but seemed to have no intentions of marrying -- yet he always was
attentive and devoted. Then she found a
new man. This second friend was quite a
bit older, seemed to have quite a bit of
money, and offered travel and a fine type
of life. Everything looked favorable with
this second man, yet she was nagged by a
gnawing doubt. She sent specimens of handwriting and bits of letters 'from both.

The inquirer, somewhat of a sensitive
herself, really had felt the answer, but
hadn't wanted to believe what she really
had perceived. This older man really was
not free to marry, and his appearance of
money was a front. He merely was playing
around a bit, and pretending a lot. This
the woman hadn't wanted to believe because of the apparent non-interest of the
younger man.

However, faced with a rival, the first
suitor finally decided he liked the homecooked meals he'd been getting for so
many years -- which he'd been missing while
the woman shared her attentions with another man, and recently I got a card from
them sent from their honeymoon in Mexico.
Given a bit of help, she had been able to
manipulate things to a satisfactory conclusion, unwarped by what she wanted to
happen, rather than what she knew should
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