Volume 7, Issue 1, page 2

Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Pluto,, and Zydokumzruskehen
Published monthly, except for the combined January-February and JulyAugust issues, at 207 North Washington, Enid, Oklahoma, O.S.A. '
Editorial Office: 2522% North Monroe St., Enid, Oklahoma
Mail Address: Postoffice Box 528, Enid, Oklahoma
Subscription price: $2 a year; $5 for 3 years. Single copies, 254
Second class privilege authorized at Enid, Okla., Postoffice
Editor: The Rev. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART, I-2, D.D.. D.Scn., F.Scn.,
B. Scn., HDA, HCA, et al ad infinitum ad nauseum.

Publisher: ALICE AGNES HART: I-1, HCA, SEC., WFE., Lbrn., H.Kpr., ETC.

POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infiniteness of Man is not
reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxes, or "experts "who
seek to sell him that which he already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change our minds from issue to
issue, or even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each man has the inherent right to be his own and only
"Authority" -- with his wife's permission, of course.

Rates: $1 a column inch, if you get results; double if you
don't. Payable in advance. Copy must be in office 30 days prior to
date of issue in which it will appear.

THIS STARTS OUR If we had from lack of interest or lack
SEVENTH YEAR OF a brilliant of support. And "Van " isn't a
MASTER BAITING auditorial to competitor. His I.D.S. is tryw r i te, we'd ing to hold on to an ideal, a
put this back under the "Hart dream, in spite of the raucous
to Heart" heading where it intercontinental yodeling that
probably belongs, but since has shaken so many awake.
we're fresh out of brilliant And where do we go from
auditorials, we hope our read- here ? We don't know, nor are
ers will bear with us while we we unduly concerned. Today is
reminisce an d do a bit of today -- and there's always a
speculating . tomorrow. And we'll be in it.

You see, with this issue, We haven't changed our "PolThe ABERREE is starting its icy" since Issue One -- and tho
seventh year of publication. the material in today's ABERFor those who have been with REE may not resemble the cornus since the beginning, remem- fed bassalto of Uncle Josh
ber the phrase: "You send your which sprinkled t h e issues
money ($1.67 a year) at your back in 1954, the purpose is
own risk" ? We weren't guaran- still the same -- to gibe at
teeing there'd be a second, or anyone who thinks he/she has a
a third issue. But there were, monopoly on what you MUST do
In fact, this is the 61st AB- to be a success in this life,
ERREE in the mails since that or any future life.
day back in March, 1954, when Originally, The ABERREE was
we stapled a few mimeographed jokingly labeled "The dissentsheets together and sent them ing voice of a loyal Scientoloout as a "magazine " -- with our gist". Well, we're still dissnickering blessing. senting -- but none of the rest
It has been an exciting six is applicable. Even tho we
years, and we've loved every Probably have more repudiated
minute of it. But it hasn't degrees than anyone professing
been easy. Financially, The to following the meandering and
ABERREE has been a drag from teetering steps of this psythe beginning -- even when we cho religio therapy, we are not
upped our subscription price now, and probably never were,
from $1.67 a year to $ 2. But Scientologists. Nor do we bewe've kept growing, and adding lieve anyone else is or ever
new members to our aberreated was. The promoter of this sofamily, until it looks now as called "system" has his idea
if we'll be around for awhile. of what Scientology is, and
But the magazine you hold should do, for those following
in your hand is nothing like him, but no one yet has been
the bellyaching "kid" that able to learn, from one month
dared try to wedge his way in- to the next, what that idea is.
to a crowded "field " six years In one of their latest ador so ago. In the first place, vertising letters, the direcit's not a crowded" field" any tor of training, speaking of
more. Outside of the the new courses starting with
news letter, published by A.E. 1960, wrote: "As Ron feels
vanVogt, we know of no serious that Scientology has just bepublication that even mentions gun now, he has called this
the word "Scientology "or Dia- course now under way 'Course
netics. The others all have 1'. And if Scientology is just
dropped by the wayside -- either getting started, what of those
who have been taking innumerable courses of something that
must have, by this admission,
been a forerunner of Scientology? If the founder, or any of
his trainees, was a Scientologist in 1954, or 1955, or 1956,
et sequentia, then obviously,
as a follower of "something
just getting started", he/they
are something different today.

No, we are not Scientologists. However, since we have
from the beginning "reserved
the right to change our minds ",
if the promoter, after numberless false starts, eventually
comes up with a way of life
that we feel is better than
the umpteen billion other ways
open to each and every one of
us, we'd certainly like to
give it a good looksee. Not
that we need, or want, any
more degrees . We know where we
can buy them cheaper, and on a
better, more lasting, grade of
paper .

Anyhow, this idea of labeling ourselves as Scientologists, or Baptists, or Catholics, or any other way of
thinking which we can only
half follow, is a disease all
too prevalent in man. Altho no
two of us can think exactly
alike, one is unpatriotic, insane, or anti-social if he insists on being an individual in
his thinking and/or actions.

An "American" thinks the
world has the right to liberty
in thought -- as long as they
accept "democracy". The Russians also are willing to extend "freedom" to the entire
world -- but it MUST be a socalled "Communist freedom". In
the U.S., we have freedom OF
religionóbut little freedom
FROM. If you don't believe
this , try and deny the existence of God, or the Bible -- and
see how out of step you are:
In court, on the street, in
your choice of radio or television programs...

But how'd we get off on
this subject? What's it got to
do with The ABERREE starting
its seventh year of publicat ion?
We refuse to answer, under
the guarantees of the fifth
amendment to the Constitution;
our replies -- if they don't incriminate us -- might bind us to
a policy in the upcoming years
we'd not bewilling.tp follow.
We don't know whateweï;re going
to believe, or not $elieve, or
laugh at next year -- or even
next month. (Actually, as this
is written, we're not even
sure what we're going to laugh
at this month.)
But anyhow, stick around.
We promise you there'll be
something . Maybe we'll even
laugh at ourselves -- come
laughing-at-ourselves time.