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ALL THERAPY One of the
IS A FORM OF better auditors
GROUP UNITY in the field
writes that, after a session -- when she checks
the person with whom she has
been working -- the E-meter reading for both her and the preclear are pretty much the same.
'Hypnosis?" she asks. "Or have
we established a current which
equalizes both poles?"
Normally, when the subject
of hypnosis is raised, most
persons think of an operator
who has power to bring others
under his control by suggestion. That's the most broad
acceptance of the term. Some
have accepted the caricaturist's concept of a turbaned
gentleman of glittering eyes
from whose fingers lightninglike sparks flash toward the
drooping eyelids of his comabound victim. Such a concept,
or even the broader definition
given previously, have lulled
the public into a false security that permits such dastardly, insidious hypnosis, in the
form of singing commercials
and anything-for-a-buck subliminal suggestions, to invade
the home, and threaten to turn
those unfortunate enough to
have radio and television into
spineless automatons. We might
add, parenthetically, that
this also is the modus operandi
of our military hierarchy in
the Pentagon who, by constantly
dangling the threat of global
war with another power has reduced American liberty and
incentive to a bottomless pft
of spending for a "defense"
that probably never will be
needed -- and certainly wouldn't
be needed were the propaganda
mongers of both nations given
a sufficiently strong dose of
their own medicine, hypnosis.
Actually, it probably is no
worse to convince a theater
audience that it's hungry mud
needs popcorn than to bludgeon
a nation into believing its
life is threatened 4, the war
mongers of another nation who,
at the same time, are convincing their nationals that they,
too, must prepare for all-out
destruction. The di f ferasoe
is: Popcorn is cheaper, and
will make you, fat. ^ar bmdaets
cost billions, and lead only
to national bankruptcy.

But getting back to hypnosis -- if, in fact, we have
strayed from the subject -- is
hypnosis any more than an affinity of minds? Would you accept control from someone with
whom you were emotionally unresponsive? (Fear, of course,
also is a form of hypnosis, or
emotional response -- a form animals often use in capturing
prey that otherwise could escape.)
So, at the beginning of a
session, the auditor and preclear go into agreement to be
a group -- and it depends on how
well the session is conducted
as to what degree this grow
affinity develops. Naturally,
while the group spirit obtains
after the processing, both the
auditor and his pre-clear
should reflect a group reading
on an B-meter, and not an individual reading, unless the
auditor should have left some
incidents restimulated t h a t
are affecting his pre-clear's
Tone level. In the event of
which, of course, something
was wrong with the group affinity