Volume 5, Issue 4, page 21

agony (for me) of group proc- been looking for all my life,
easing and having no one ex- but I still couldn't put one
plain what this seeming cram finger on any understanding.
stuff was all about, I became •say of 1955 found me aazeabitten with the bug of knowing ly going to class in Phoenix,
that here was something I had trying to keep awake in class
and trying to get my most renO er~ luctant brain to understand
/`—/ what was being given us by
Adwatssbindu tLi . % aa•gc that wonderful guy, Dave Murband.ftawad.itada mss. ~¢ ray. I suggested to some of
the other students that I had
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25 YEARS' experience has ens- a wonderful experience coming
bled ^e to give 85% to 95% them in this life by getting
correct answers to your goes- up to and above clear with the
fiona as verified by ^y men), goal, of course, of regaining
clients. Psychometric analysis our abilities of O.T. (Operachecked by careful astrological
charting enables ^e to offer ting Thetan which we let go
you a Faturescope you catt rely a long time ago with misowneron. Send donation of i3 an
five questions you wish ^nd ship, irresponsibility. a n d
swered, together with your date not knowingness of many kinds.
pad time of birth, as well as All this ability is now possibirthplace. Also, send three
of y gur ha rs bia to regain quite easily...

P.O.Box 475, Williamsport, Thela Newcomer, Pa. "So, as I look at the variNUTRiTIONAt Experiment -- After ous people who often drag their
20 years seeking personal Poor body into the Academy in
perfection including a course Washington with the desire of
in Scientology, I have turned helping themselves, there is
to nutrition and Ifs relation;• hal aIId O ortunity for
ship to enhancing beings4sa P pP anyship aQer Life a one. I have seen many cases of
new and different loud supplement, I have found the answer. so-called miracles happen right
Not only does it correct glare- before my very eyes -- cases
dular deficiencies -- adrenal in which had been given up by
particular, and thus relieves some of the leadin
Tatigue.- but it apparently g PaYchla
preserves some rare natural triStS an d gradually, thrU
coqplex or synergist that is Scientology, these individuals
effective in enhancing spiritand ^eatal development. My come up and thru their terrible
initial subjective experience games and get the ability to
toth Sager Life { very anti's- play other games that mean
ing, but I would like other more to them...
students in metaphysics who
are developed spiritually to "So let the critics yelp
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Fp8udand SupI'lll ste^encanfd ezpeurthe y costnse
in, and we who have been near
of advertising and Restage. him have had this demonstrated
Super Life is prepared by an too many times now to have any
entirely different refriger^- do
u}~ts of what Ron has mocked
Lion.dehydration process, unlike the usual solvent-heat up for Scientology...
p'side rocesses.ect as" a nonddrug-anlike "ane of these days I'll see
a Hs . c be
used by even tie must sensi- you at one of the congresses,
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"To-date, I have done very
little experimentation with
the 'clear' techniques. I do
wish Ron would set attainable
goals for the field. 'Di ear',
to my way of thinking -- and after eight years of looking at
'clears' and evaluating them
and then hearing what they have
to say six months later -- is an
unattainable goal. When a preclear becomes 'clear' according to his own and his mistaken
auditor's evaluation, he goes
thru a period of great enthusiasm -- a manic sort of thing.
Or he develops new tensions
attempting to remain 'clear'.
I have seen new 'clears' so
darned tense for fear of slipping they'd have a tic. After
awhile he sobers up, and begins to realize that over here,
in an area which he hasn't
really been looking at, he isn't clear at all. And he lifts
his eyes and sees new heights,
and knows he has not reached
them yet, and therefore is not
clear. For a clear, of course,
stands on the Summit of all
summits. Let me lapse into a
Friedmanism, and call it a
sum-it. Anyhoo, he realizes
There's a fraction here, and a
fraction there, not yet clear.
Then he either goes into disillusionment, apathy, frustration, cynicism, or some
other darn' misemotion, or a
combination of them all, and
stops processing, or, if he's
really 'clearer', he goes and
gets more processing in order
to be a few degrees of clearer
"And that, to me, is an acceptable goal: To be clearer.
This one we can work toward,
thru an entire lifetime. We
can become body-clear and mindclear, MEST-clear and thetaclear, data-clear and education-clear. We can learn to
apply effort correctly, neither too much nor too little; we
can learn to ride our emotions
instead of having them riding
us; we can learn to throw away
old mistaken notions and postulates and prejudices, and to
re-evaluate the data ofalifetime. And then we can go out
and acquire a lot more data,
and evaluate it more correctly,
and fit it into our framework,
and tackle new experiences,
and perhaps drag into view new
areas of restim, and then by
whatever processes best suit
us (body-scanning, incident
running, emotion-feeling, E -
therapy, Rana) discover the
roots of the restim and pull
'em up, and so be clearer some
more. The goal of clearer I'll
buy, but the goal and role of
'clear' I have discarded -- at
least for this lifetime -- for
bursting in air attack me when
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