Volume 5, Issue 4, page 17

degrade the ancient people,
their character, their work,
their philosophy, and their
"This is the brand of fraudulent work that fills our histories and our encyclopedias.
Even the definitions of words
in our dictionaries have been
cut and fit to agree with the
wishes and dogmas of the church.
"This fraudulent work of
the church was partly halted
in the 15th Century by the invention of the printing press.
In the year 1444 Caxton published the first book ever
printed in England, and this
so seriously frightened the
church authorities that in 1474
the then Bishop of London,
Cardinal Wolsey, in a convocation to his clergy, said: 'If
we do not destroy this dangerous invention, it will one day
destroy us.' (Bible Myths,
Doane, p. 4381.
"Besides forging, lying, and
deceiving 'for the cause of
Christ', the church fathers
destroyed all the evidence
against themselves and their
religion which they could find,
and burned the ancient libraries. The destruction of the ancient writings was so well
carried out that Archbishop
Chrysostom, in the middle of
the 5th Century A.D., boasted:
'Every trace of the old philosophy and literatures of the
ancient world has vanished
from the face of the earth,'
(Bible Myths, Doane, p. 436)."
-- George R. Clements, Sebring,
"Three years ago an oddball
came here and had us hook up a
Minimeter with a handle so he
could carry it around conveniently. When we had it rigged
up, he walked around our building with it, and every time
he went toward the rear of the
office, the needle of the Minimeter dipped violently. He
had on him a small bottle of
crude oil, which he informed
me was an 'activator' and he
said that the needle-dip undoubtedly indicated that he
was over a'great pool of oil'.
He paid for the Minimeter and
took it away.
"Later, greatly amused, I
told one of our mechanics about
the incident. The mechanic gave
me a funny look and said,
'Come down here in the basement'. I went down and discovered that a 40-gallon drum of
lube oil we had stored down
there had sprung a leak and
there was a big pool of oil
all over the basement floor!
"Well, I figured that was
that -- but it wasn't. For the
past year three of the biggest
oil companies have been battl