Volume 5, Issue 4, page 13

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The *ou['g secret s +- By REV. JACOB KRISTY
As man is related to all reason for conceiving that the B. C.) was right when he dethings in the Universe, is the processes of universal produc- Glared that Air is the "First
product of the same substance, tion differ in any essential Principle", and is not only
processes, force, and law as particular from those every- the cause of Matter and Force,
are all other things, it should where in vogue, but is Matter and Force cornnot be difficult, by an exam- Number One is the symbol of bined.
ination of the products of Unity, the Monad of Pythagoras. Terrestrial phenomena a r e
universal substance and pro- From Unity issues Diversity the product of-condensed receases, to discover the secret without end. Yet, in the ulti- lestial rays. Things seen are
of his origin, constitution, mate, Diversity resolves into the visible formations built
and destiny. the dual properties of Force of things not seen.

As the whole is made up of and Matter, with Matter fading Modern science was shocked
its parts, so we are warranted into Universal Force. with this discovery, and the
in declaring that the whole The inscription on the great astronomer, J. S. Halwas produced as the parts were ancient pyramid of Sais said, dene, exclaimed:
produced, and vice versa. It "I am all that is, that was, "Materialism, once a plausis inconceivable that there is and that will be. No mortal man ible theory, is now the fatalone order of work for the has yet raised my veil." istic creed of thousands; but
whole, with a contrary order Modern science has raised materialism is nothing better
for the parts, that veil and discovered the than a superstition, on the
We believe in congruity secret of the Sphinx. But it same level as a belief in
down even to the components of required the cracking of the witches and devils. The materevery inference and every oh- atom to make modern scientists ialist theory is bankrupt. "
nervation. There is no sound see that Aneximenes (380-320 (To be continued)
COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 15 --
The third national Synergetic
Workshop will be held in Columbus August 1 to 3 (or longer
for those so wishing). One or
more of the Synergetic "stables" may be present, altho
this is not certain. These
workshops have been tremendously exciting experiences,
with reverberations continuing
for weeks or months afterwards.
(For details, write Lewis L.
Mortensen, E. Petersburg, Pa.)
There also is talk of having regional workshops prior
to the big one. Planning for
one in Fort Worth, Tex., is now
well along. Anyone interested
should write Margaret Meade,
3633 W. Biddison, Fort Worth,
who is sparking the affair.

Important new developments
are afoot in Synergetics. One
of these is Operation Breakthru. This is being developed
by S- 1, S-2, and myself. The
aim is to accelerate the development of "stables". Now
that the state has been achJULY-AUGUST, 1958
ieved, it behooves us to get a Progress" occurs.
move on to help others who also Option A is only part of
want to achieve it. Operation Breakthru. A protoAlready one major develop- dyne clearance program is under
ment has occurred. Ibis is the development; this will be rediscovery of a method to ac- leased at the Workshop. Anothcelerate the progress of ad- er measure is a new book, "A
vanced workers. This method is Syngeneer's Handbook " , now in
open to anyone but it has been preparation. This handbook is
especially designed for per- designed to be fail-proof; that
sons who have already exper- is, to make it practically imienced the synergic mode at possible for anyone who uses
least once. The recommended it to fail to achieve the synprocedure for a newcomer is to ergic mode.
go thru a synergic work kit Operation Breakthru does
first. not replace Operation Stable.

The method is called Option On the contrary, Operation
A. Option A evokes in the user Breakthru is part of Operation
a new state of being, called Stable.
the "prime state": A synergetic The time is coming when a
"prime" has these character- community of stables will be
istics: (1) He is free of most established. This has long been
impedances; (2) he functions a dream of Synergetics: To esin or near the synergic mode tablish a truly synergic commost of the time; (3) some of munity, in which the age-old
the new abilities of a "stable" dream of a brotherhood of man
are intermittently turned on; will become a living reality.
(4) he has entered a phase of This dream has not yet been
accelerated growth, in which a attained, but a tremendous
phenomenon called "Automatic step forward has occurred.