Volume 5, Issue 4, page 4

Shining Shirt"- His actual name was
Piel'xal'xis, and his name appears in the
legends of almost all tribes on both the
North and South American continents. But
Piel'xal'xis wasn't a tall man -- probably
about 5% feet. But he possessed the ability to project himself astrally, and to
show himself to the simple people, who
were not so simple in his time. He looked
tall because he stood upon a pedestal.
The pedestal was used so that he could
stand above those who came to hear him,
that he might hold forth his hands for
all to see and to feel the radiation from
them of health and strength.

In this Valley, there was none not
healed, and all who came to the Valley to
be healed were healed. Perhaps they weren't able to restore amputated limbs, or
eyes -- altho we are told they possessed
the secret that could do even this. The
nearest method paralleling this today is
the Huna as reported, with reasonable accuracy, by Max Freedom Long.

Crossing in many directions this Valley of the Sun were many highways that
were greater and more beautiful than anything we have here today. There are stories that come down to us of canals for
irrigation, of a City of Light, in which
was a Temple of Light,
To this Temple of Light over which the
spirit of Piel'xal'xis hovered came men
and women -- men from- one direction and
women from another. Here they were studied
with great accuracy, and mated by the
masters so they should be fruitful and
multiply. After the mating, they went
back to where they came from -- the women to
rear their children and the men to do
whatever it was men did beyond the Valley
of the Sun, because only people whose
task it was to minister to those who came
in from all directions actually resided
in the Valley.

In the Valley, there were cars that
traveled on highways