Volume 5, Issue 4, page 15

it becomes a dramatic demonstration of the working of an
eternal law. Synergy definitely
promotes growth and wellbeing,
Dy s e rgy definitely impedes
growth and wellbeing. Any action which promotes two or more
functions of a system without
impeding any other function is
a synergic action. But no matter how many functions of a
system are promoted by an action, if just one function of
the system is impeded, the
action is dysergic.
"Ky assumption regarding
the three general divisions of
life and their relationship one
to another make a great deal
of sense to me. If the assumption is correct, and the concept of synergy is valid, then
a completely meatless diet is
synergic and a diet containing
any meat or meat by-products
is dysergic. At this point I
would like to say that I am in
no way attempting to make this
a moral issue, nor am I attempting to generate an argument. I have followed this line ing the fast I reduced my tein supplements. But I wasn't
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