Volume 5, Issue 4, page 10

aware of your finger and your body at the long list of unknowingnesses, but as you
same time? Operating as Totality, with go over it again and again, and keep addawareness expanded around the room, you ing to it, it will shift more and more
can be aware of your body, and if your into the knowingness. You will begin to
eyesight is pretty good, you can be aware get mental images of the unknowing things
of another one of your bodies out in that will fall into place as part of a
front of you, and you can carry on a conversation -- maybe among all of them, the picture, until suddenly you will get the
whole bunch. How many bodies do you have kind of foolish feeling that "Why, I knew
as Totality? Quite a few, this in the first place" .

What does this involve? Actually, it is Granting yourself the right to do this
just the focusing of attention and we use is important. You might say that it is
our body as a means of focusing the at- pervading, or "being there". Knowingness
tention, but you can discover that you do is actually being there. As Totality you
not actually focus your attention with are everywhere, and you can focus your atyour body. When you were becoming aware tention not only in your body, but into a
of your finger, and your whole body, where wall, or on a mountain peak, or wherever
were you doing it from? The part of you you choose, and you can become aware of
that knows and is aware that it is a it what is there by BEING there. Even lookof Totality was doing it; it was not the ing with the eyes is a form of being
body. You were being aware of the body there. Ithrow my eyes over to the wall --
and parts of the body. in a sense I am there