Volume 8, Issue 8, page 4



REATION is the second mode of mind. Thought creation is the
imaging or putting into concrete form a selected
subject. BY concrete form is meant a mental picture of the
selected subject invested with all the qualities of that
subject in its natural stat~. Mental creation will bring you any
quality or anything you want, except knowledge ,
which comes thru meditation. Imagination isnot fancy; it is the
image-making faculty which is used for the
purpose of making a concrete picture of the thing we desire.

Do you want love? What is love? If you are going to create a
thing, you must have a concrete picture of it. Love
is a force. Being a force, it must have a rate of vibration, and
having a rate of vibration, it must have a color.
Therefore, when you picture love, you must picture it according
to your highest conception of what that force would
be, and the color of the highest force upon this planet is yellow.

If it is Divine Love you want, see yourself standing in a flood
of this golden vibrating force. See it bathing you
in its rays, penetrating every part and particle of your being
until your body and you vibrate in response to it, and
until the atmosphere around you pulsates and throbs with its
golden glow. If you desire to send love to another,
picture the Universal Love flowing into yourself and then see it
passing from your heart's center as a golden stream,
flowing outward until it reaches the heart to which it is sent.
Some of your own being will enter and warm the heart
of the one to whom you send that love force, and you will have
the joy that comes thru loving and being loved. If
you wish to demonstrate love from another, see that golden
current of force flowing from that other person to you.

If you wish to work upon the mental plane and demand a greater
mentality, picture the blue Cosmic Force
flowing into you. Picture yourself suffused with this blue force
until your whole being vibrates with it. Let it
magnetize your brain and thrill you thru and thru with its
upliftingforce. After a demonstration of this kind, you
will feel capable of accomplishing any mental undertaking. Do not
deceive yourself into the belief that one
treatment with this blue Cosmic Force will make you a genius,
because it will not. But constant treatments of this
kind will gradually increase your mental power. which you can
direct into any channel you desire, and the picture
you make creates the center or matrix into which the Uriive~sal
Consciousness can bring that which you demand.

On the material plane, the same picture-
making faculty isused. Do you want to build up
a fine law practice? Then picture your clients
coming to you in large numbers engaging your
services and paying you liberally. This last
part of the picture is an essential portion of
the whole. Do you wish to develop a business' ' I
Then see crowds of people coming and waiting
for you to serve them. But good, bad, and in-
different business will come unless you limit

your creation to a certain class; then that class of business
which you have created will come.

While you are waiting for your creations to materialize. you
should do cheerfully and faithfully such duties as are
presented to you to do. In this way, you will co-operate with the
Supreme because you will never know until a duty
is done what good may come to you from doing ' that duty pell.

Do you want money? Then make a concrete picture of the amount you
want -say a $ 100 bill; or if you do not
want your money all of one denomination. picture a sufficient
number of bills of the denomination you want to
make the amount you desire. In any event, make a picture of a
definite amount, and after making it, hold to it until
it stands out as distinct as tho it had materialized and you
could see it before you. Then say to the Universal
Consciousness: "Give me this creation, " and repeat this demand
day after day and many times a day, if you want to.
The concreteness of your picture makes your creation a mental
reality and the more tenaciously you hold to the
mental creation, the sooner will the material reality come.

Creative thought is always in pictures. This is true from a
higher or lower viewpoint. For example: The
universe is the materialization of the Divine Idea; the spiritual
plane received the impress of the Divine Mind when
creation began, and the planetary spirits, seeing the picture,
poured into it their own vibratory force. And so, worlds
were brought into existence. Everything that is existed first on
the mental plane, even to the clothes you wear and
the chair on which you sit.

Examining the working of the law further, we will take the
concrete picture of a bundle of money--$100.

The clearness of your thought and the intensity of your picture
make a photograph, as it were, in the Universal
Mind. This is your matrix, or plan. So long as your mental matrix
is not destroyed, it will some time draw to you
the material thing pictured.

The constant or frequent vibration which your ttought causes sets
the Universal Consciousness surrounding you
and your picture into action. Then out from you goes the small
magnetic cord which the Universal Consciousness
directs to the sum of money you demanded.

This money is somewhere upon the material plane when you make
your demand for it, and the Universal
Consciousness directs your demand, with its tiny magnetic cord
attached, to this amount of money. It is no affair of
yours where this $100 shall come from; the avenue thru which it
may come is for the Universal Consciousness to
select, and, being justice, It will bring it from the source
whence it should come, and no one will be unjustly treated
by the transference of it to your possession4

You must make your demands to Deity and not to anyperson. You
have no right touse coercive force upon
another individual mind; but since everything that exists belongs
to Deity - and Deity is the source of your supply-
you have a perfect right to demand of It. At this point of our
evolution, we create mental pictures of things already
in existence and draw them to us according to the operation of
the law I have just explained. But the time will come
when we can image a thing and have power to draw together the
particles necessary to its composition rkd
create the thing itself. This power is Ulaled precipitation, and
is really the highest form of creation.