Volume 8, Issue 9, page 14

50 years. to the point of the capacity to kill off all life on
this planet in a nuclear war,
has been under the tutelage of divinities inspiring inventors
with new theories and technical
solutions. War III will never happen , but by the time the new
teacher is ready to start his
career, the danger of the war will be,so great and all peoples so
jittery that they will
listen with great eagerness to this new voice.

At what seems like the final climax of the human race at that
time, why will anyone listen
to anyone ? How can a new divinely-ordained teacher win a
following in even this day of
unbelief and sophistication and "scientific mindedness "?
Certainly the voice~ of a preacher
talking about orthodox religion is not going to gain a hearing
when the world is ready to
blow itself into a lifeless ball. Only the ability to astound the
whole world with what will
seem like magical power of the greatest potency, will the new
teacher gain world-wide
attention over world-wide hookups of television. These powers
will center around what
spirit(uaDists believe tobe spirit-manifested phenomena but
scientists call ESP or psionics -
the ability of the human mind to send out a force that can move
objects or communicate
telepathically, to move the body itself by levitation and astral
projection, to walk on water
thereby, and to create matter and form objects out of raw energy,
and the like.

Since the Lucifer rebellion, URANTIA tells (Nothing of the above,
however, is out of
URANTIA) of the sealing off of the universe that the earth is
part of, from the others of the
seven super-universes, to avoid this section contaminating the
others. In the eons of time
since being sealed off, the others have developed tremendously in
the arts, science, and
nobility of man. The divinities will now remove this barrier so
that we are to receive the
benefits of knowledge previously denied us. This will include
thescience involved in space
travel to the rest of the planets of the universes. All mankind
will be so entranced with the
inspiring personality andwisdom and talents of the new master and
actual savior of man on
this planet that they will accept his teachings and values and
become as new men. This, then,
is the meaning of the New Aquarian Age, when Terra will again
become part of mankind tbruout
the universes-and will be worthy once more of such contact.

Well, this is better than fretting over the horrible things being
predicted by savants al
1 over the worl d - " ain't i t " ?


along t h e m a i n beam path to the sun, for cleaning and

During these times (and they have occurred before, often, and
varie(f as to the number of
planets and moons in conjunction), the withdrawal of counter
forces is evident, and the
spiritual enlightenment is seen to follow such a Systematic
event. This is, of course, due to
the fact that the "devil and his angels" are thrown into
thefurnace (the sun) and cleansed.
Counter forces are removed. and entities which oppose the greater
plan are finished o ff, for
good. The life potential of all who remain is whatever they will
make of it, and with the
guidance of the elect, we once again have the

opportunity .%l

of bringing into being. immorta fleshy bodies. for all the
dis-ease and friction
caused by incompatible productions w i 11 be cleansed. This is
not to say they will not

The AB

be re-introduced, for it nas always been seen to happen that way,
but with lesser and lesser
intensity,so that thru the evolution, there is a time when these
things come to an end, and a
new level of action is possible, for the first time.

To go on. with the processes as I see them, after the sun has
received all of this
material, there is an explosion. or bringing forth of another
body which goes into orbit. As
this occurs, each of the planets moves out from the sun to the
next orbit. In the case of
this planet, we will be in the orbit which MVs is now in, and
Venus will be in the orbit We are
now in.

The evolutionary status of the planets is known by their
positions in the system. This
meansi~that we are further evolved than Venus, and that Mars is
further evolved than we are.
etc. This is not according to the thinking of many"space groups",
but it will be seen to be
true, just the same.

It also means that those who are not compatible with our
evolution will be taken, and some
will be removed to Venus to learn the lessons needed. This is
truealso of Mars. Many of the
inhabitants of Mars will return to this planet as we go into that
orbit, to take this grade
over in the school of the universe.

It is really a beautiful evolutionary pat~ tern. designed to
bring equal rights to all,
and to eventuate into a higher status in the galaxy. But, the
mystery and speculation which
has been engaged in has misled many so that now, many of the
contributors to the untruth,
(anti-christ) will now have to confront their misdeeds, in deep



(ED. NOTE - The following Is offered because of the many
conflicting reports of what may happen In February. Mrs.
Springfleld. while riding this spring thru the canyons
surrounding Los Angeles,"saw" the fires which were later to
cause such devastation. and was embarrassed when she tried to
farn the residents as~if the fires were happening,THEN
- not at some fu ture tine. One can u nderstand. then. why she
offers this "seeing" reluctantly - for what it may be
worth. and without interpretation.)

This morning (December 3), after having my morning coffee, I sat
reading the paper. It was
limp in my hands, and I seemed powerless to rise from my chair.

Then I became conscious of loud booms, followed by fire flares,
as if they came from large
guns. I Seemed to be standing smack in themiddle of the U.S.A.,
like the middle east, yet I
could see what was going on on the west coast. At no time did
this mighty blast touch the
coast itself, yet it was close. There was a slight tilt of the
earth, and part of the Eastern
Seaboard was dunked. Whether it disappeared or not, I don't
remember. This tilt straightened
out, and I could see that, try as this blast might to reach the
west coast, it could not
touch the land. It appeared also that some remote part of the
northern end of the coast was
no longer in existence

How long this experienc; happened, I do not know, but suddenly
there was quiet - and peace
-and the words, faint. but audible"'This Nation ... that Nation
is no more as it has been, yet
the Nation you stand on remains intact

with the exception of what has been seen."

The next thing I remember is that my husband came out into the
kitchen, and he tells me I
was as if in trance, my eyes glazed and staring at the newspaper.

--Dorothy SPringfield, Canoga Park, Calif.