Volume 3, Issue 3, page 12

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"tcientolo Centre, 71 East 'Nolpr(
Circular Quay,, Sydney, N.S.W. Aas- and probably eni,

TO GEl SATISFACTORY RT'OLTS. If any negazines and
of your contributors or readers fit long ways in fr
into this category then they are from cover to
doubly welcome, providing they are some Precious g
indeed willing to be students." -- be right h
Marcus Tooley, Sydney, Australia. the baht,ls Calif.
"Thanks for running the release
about the CADA Certification pro- "I thought of
gram. We believe this certificate ing technique
will become the most valuable in the flattening cam.
field. Several of our professional ceptien o objet
members plan to take the examination "Goes as RA
to obtain the certificate, despite or person who
the fact that they already have one the room. Qie ob
or more of Hubbard's certificates. changed. He
"Incidentally we believe the CADA to identify or 1
is quietly going about the business goes out again
of establishing Dianetics and Scien- or condition is
tology as respected procedures in third position o
the society. Membership and attend- to the first.
once keep up, the meetings are in- utilizing one
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ing improvements in cases are being lemp being lit
noted, and at the some time, ode- pre-clear rec
quate but less attention is being condition being
given to the 'latest technique' from one object or
Phoenix, Washington, London or Dub- perceived others
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"I certainly agree that your play. ient scale. For
to increase the material on the good the room lights
in Dianetics & Scientology by way of going from a li
increasing case histories, tech- roam at one erod
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Aberree is a fine idea. It probably a table in a r
won't be as easy to et as much of objects at the
that kind of materia as you want, scale.
but you can no doubt move in that "This I feel
direction... which can be "I certainly believe you have children to reta
been doing an excellent job with the other abilities,
publication, and can only praise you itate adults who
for it. I admire your penetrating, abilities)." -- Be
cleansing evaluations of activities
in the field. Especially I admire "This anises
your courage in exposing the des- am passing it
tructive activities of various of- who might be ficial Scientology organizations. also with a
Keep up the good work! • .. direction of
Just a word or two (or maybe a "During the
paragraph or two!) about the course. working exper
You may know that I have been teach- son, I have watc
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training. co the
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Basic Dianetics one operations -- including a little dandy
for over a year. performed by one of the biggest and
y of this year I most famous hospitals in the USA --
class in Basic Dia- the birth experience, pre-natal maIced Procedures which terial, counter-emotion, also incinicely on a one- dents that possibly could be called
basis. Now, by re- 'past lives', though the latter
g to teach this full seemed to exert a minimal effect on
ch is scheduled to the organism. Since first book Diaeeks...With some ad- netics dealt with this material, ex;sentially the course cept past lives, I thought it might
the Hubbard Dianet- be of some interest.

Wichita... The set- "Actual working time: About-60
for such a program. hours, spread over three months. The
place for classes, techniques used, however, were in no
emonstrations. The sense those advocated by Hubbard but
t time of the year were those of Mr. L. E. Eermn, with
t perfect. Hotels, the addition of some zone therapy.
nd restaurants are Reduction of the material encoun(walking distance of tered was rapid and relatively easy.
ayne Dunbar, Los An- Apparently semen's screens helped
here. The approach was through the
muscles, to the charged image, which
ng going into busi- in some cases was an imaginative
promotional way a- construction but which mast be hanEsts. Have developed died and discharged as if it were
able altar small en- real. Also there was no effort to
in capsule and take contact or run anything specifitomach capsule dis- cally; instead whatever surfaced
se, altar opens like spontaneously was considered to be
-flower to pleasing what we were after.
same time liberating "A basic part of the approach,
minerals used for without which nothing else would
vitamins, of course, have been me , was Dr. Rolf
in 120 proof run, and Alexander's definition hypnotism,
oduced by simply ex- as set forth on page 141 of 'Creating breath. tive Realism': 'Hypnotism is the art
tty, but practical, of directing the imagination—either
Kosher." -- Millen Bel- one's own or that of another—into
Ariz. forming images of things not present
to the senses. When such images are
several Scientology formed at the suggestion of the g:
reel yours is quite a erator, the subconscious of the sunbont. Always read it ject adjusts itself to them as
ver and always find though the images were of things
ans. Some swim iinstytead of pe to on actually "Hows the present PC (patient) c doing?
Marilyn J. Meacham. Oh, he's feeling wonderful." -- Bob
Williams. Pboeniz, Ariz.
a game or (process- "Like the new format very much.
or determining and like Bob Williams's contributions.
lags on visual per- He makes sense to me." —Art., James,
is or colors, etc. Salt Lake City, Utah.
lows: The pre-clear
is 'it' goes is "Evaluation of bay ABI1 E:
ject or "A Holy City -- How can such a
es back and is asked project operate? Some big religions
ocate the change. He (Christianity, Islam) hold as an arard the same object title of faith the duty of proselyagain changed to a ting people into their organizar condition or back tions. Many Christian sects cannot
This is continued, practice without clergy and t he
object (such as a clergy cannot practice without misdition (such as a sionary work... Better to throw the
or off) until the place open to any and all religious
nizes the object or practices and keep it as a sort of
manippuul1ated. After unrestricted reservation. Then, get
condition has been on with the important business of
can be tried. This suppressing religious freedom in all
e, be run on a grad- places where the religious freedom
example: Turning all conflicts with the non-religious
on or off; i.e., freedom. The morals of religious
ted roam to a dark only
t) members
of the scale to mov- group group and none other...
ece of silverware on "Coast Group to Issue Certifiom filled with many cates — 1 can see-It now. Pre-clear
ther extreme of the goes to auditor. Auditor: 'Hello.

How are you?' P-C: 'I have troubles,
is the type of game but before I remember a time when, I
layed to encourage have to ask you one question.' Aud.:
in total recall and 'yes, what's that?' P-C: 'Are you a
as well as rehabil- HAS I +editor or a CADA auditor?'
have lost them (the lord help the n~wiitor who can't
rnie Ross, New York. guess the right answer to that one.
"The Stairway — The point that to
and pleases me and I charge one engram, blow one ridge at
long to any others one place, changes the whole bloommed and interested, ing system is a good explanation for
d of apology in the the shock and disorientation effects
. that I call 'backlash', the result
ppeesst three months, of taking some Metallic action in
ntally with one per- processing or out. I would add that
bed his recovery of internalizing anew fundamental cond uOC. 1700