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you may just live along and allow them to
be worked out thru ordinary expression. Or
you may plunge into the fire of meditation and burn them out in short order.

When you learn to meditate, you fill
the body with pure energy. Pure energy
erases karmic recordings on the electronic
level. As this high vibration passes thru
the body in meditation, we find a breaking up of the electrical recordings, a
bringing to the conscious mind materials
long forgotten (because lying dormant),
and as these old patterns are stirred up
and erased, we become free of them.

As long as man lives by the idea of
cause and effect, he is bound by it. We
are told that we must eventually rise
above cause and effect in some life or
another. How is it to be done? By seeing
the complete non-reality of it. Cause and
effect (karma) is the old way of living.
It is the way of the lower forms of life
and the average person in sense consciousness. It is the way of the dual vision.
When one beholds right and wrong, sickness and health, poverty and riches, we
are limited by the balancing forces of
this world. And it is true for all who
live in the consciousness of it. It is not
true for the one who lives in the continual presence of Self. If you cannot see
"sin", it is impossible for you to "know"
it for yourself. To the pure, all things
are pure.

Creation is already finished and complete. It is a matter of our "seeing" it
with the eyes of understanding.
(This is =excerpt from COME YE OUT, by Roy
Eugene Davis, Box 391, Radio City Stn., New
York, N.Y. 90 pages. Price $3.)
take the shoes off, you still have the same
unprotected feet -- maybe a bit more tender and
vulnerable to the thorns and rocks than they
were before you adopted such means of protection. But this needn't damn you to an eternal
hell of aching feet; they'll toughen again, if
permitted to take their natural course.

What philosophy do we recommend? We'd no
sooner try and tell you than we'd try to fill
an order if you said merely: "Send me a pair
of shoes". We know neither the size of your
sole nor the size of your soul. You alone have
that data.

Frankly, we'd like to go barefoot -- but society, having set up strong dictates, doesn't
lend itself to individualism. Just as the
churches have taken over such control of public thinking that anyone daring to be a bit
non-conforming in his spiritual beliefs will
find himself looked upon with the same contempt that would greet him were he to mingle
with the crowds on Broadway, wearing the
`shoes" he was born with.
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There are two kinds of data that might be
classified as "truths" -- those you want to give
to the world because . you like people, and
those you want to sell to the world because
you like yourself.
Keys, like prejudices, are things you carry
long after you've lost the locks they fit.
e Swindle
T WILL shatter current orthodoxy in
science and philosophy to present the
truth and establish the fact that
archaic man possessed supernal sapiency. It will be a surprise for many
to be told that out of the night of remote
antiquity, there looms the Glorious Light of a
transcendant intelligence on the part of numerous sages and seers.

The cradle of humanity, according to some
scholars, was the sunken continent of Lemuria,
and from there, we are told, came the Philosophy of Fire which the biblical makers strove
so diligently to eliminate from the record as
they compiled their Bible from the ancient
scrolls. In spite of their cautious work, many
traces appear in the Bible to show that the
Living Fire was the God of the Hebrews
(Heb. 12:29).

At a period so remote as to be contemporary
with the times incorrigibly marked by historians as "primitive ", the Ancient Masters possessed scrolls of such exalted Astral Light
and Intellectual Content as to lie beyond the
comprehension of vaunted modern intelligence.

The time has come when modern pride must
face the fact that these "primitive " peoples
possessed scrolls which, by no possibility,
could have been the product of "primitive" intellectuality.

Ancient scrolls which only ancient sages
could have produced bespeak the presence of
sages on the scene. For men are known by their

The presence of sapient writings, the evidence of lost arts, the crumbling remains of
edifices surpassing all present achievements --
these things attest incontrovertibly to the
existence of Intellectual Giants in "primitive" times.

Further proof of this is found in the fact
that prehistoric lore teems with accounts of a
Golden Age, of heroes and giants of divine
stature, of demigods and sons of God who mingled with men, and left codes of laws and manuals of civilization which manifest a mastery
not possible of acquirement by "primitive"
people, and not yet achieved by modern man.

The names of some of these appear as Hermes, Buddha, Zoroaster, Osiris, Orpheus, Cadmus, Laotse, Hammurabi, while hundreds of others hover in the limelight of remote legendary
days as figures transcending by far what we
consider normal human stature, and leaving behind, as evidence of their greatness, these
scrolls which have been held up, thru the
ages, as the norm of perfect wisdom and spotless conduct.

By a group of scheming men, beginning in
the Fourth Century, the Bible was finally compiled from their writing, which consisted of
fables, fiction, parables, allegories, and
symbols, a n d then presented to a deceived
world as the infallible "Word of God".

Then, to hide the facts, the ancient
scrolls were destroyed.
(To be continued)
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Definition of "Clear": Materialized mock-up.