Volume 8, Issue 10, page 5



Why Can't "Wise Men" See Life Instead of Death- -Too Much Mud in
Eyes? Writer Asks;

S gE ruemlistically observe the trend f b an awareness in this
system, we perceive that even
its so-called "wise men", or the gifted ones of "d ivine
inspiration", still follow the
mass forms of the negative earth man toward death and ultimate
destruction. For, having
been given this knowledge of an approaching "New Age", and a

with this vital information that the power represented can either
create Life and abundance,
or death and calamity they have, as usual, chosen the latter a~d
decided upon nothing "new"
at all, but lines of action on the same"old front".

Therefore, to counteract this wise stupidity of the seers and
prophets, someone with a
smatteringof intelligence is needed to neutralize such a
destructive agreement and predict
"LIFE" for a change, instead of death-a new postulate, as it were

Thus, we perceive a "n;w age" is definitely upon us, and we take
into consideration the
meaning of the word"new". As there is nothing new in the
furnishings of death and its allied
miseries, we take it for granted these things shall be overcome,
becoming nothing more than a
shadow of the past.

The choice, as always, is obvious-that the powers of life,
regardless of cycles, eras ,
ages, or any other crackpot theory of earthly changes, can be
interpreted into death and
extermination, or left alone to come thru in its own beneficial
way. The "power of choice",
then, is the thing overlooked by most, and the gift of so-called
"second sight" is present
within some for the purpose of this discrimination and ultimate
choice and decision for life
instead of death.

What is seen here by the perceptive abilities of the prophets as
the"New Light"or "Power"
that can either create or destroy, is of no difference to the
true light, power, or life
force than has ever been the case, except there will be more of
this power available and
expressed by some; that the polarizing effect shall be felt by

The things that are to be destroyed, then , causing
"earthquakes", or mental -emotional
shaking up, are the concepts and beliefs based upon the negative
and submissive man of the
past, who has accepted death and misery as a natural state. These
things shall be overcome.
Overcome - not by word of mouth alone. but by the manifest power
released in this system,
behind and within tbis"word". The force that shall change these
things is not some mysterious
"ray", or Cosmic "star dust". nor yet will it be due to planetary
positions. But planetary
positions, and these other so-called mysterious things, are the
result of the presence of
this power upon the earth (not the reverse). It is obvious to
anyone with common sense and a
realistic viewpoint that the life



force to be present must be in some form of life, and if it is to
affect mankind, must be
present in some of these or similar form to man.

Let's get the cart behind the horse, then, that we may know where
we are, and which way we
are going. For a polarized affinity action beneficial to mankind
must come thru some entity
or being present upon this earth in whom this power is manifest.

Regarding this"New Age", let us realistically observe and accept
the right choice of Life,
for those who acceptthe premise of death and destruction shall be
disappointed in their
chosen goal, for, "Ye shall seek death and death shall elude you"
is a true bill when the
action of life becomes manifest in its higher and more potent

The populous mass of this earth is, in a sense, similar to a huge
storage battery, the
power of which has been shorted out until it has drained away
most of the stored energy. With
a renairing of the leak or short, the regenerative qualities of
life begin to flow back into
this housing unit from the turning wheels of the new Life

If we must predict, let us predict something really new and
better-and notwhat is already
a present and accepted thing or state.

These "wise men" are like a man gazing at a dried-up mud puddle,
with its criss-crossed
lines made by crawling worms. With his vision colored by the mud
he sees, he overlooks the
life force that drew the pattern of crisscrossed lines, and
predicts death or mud because mud
or death is all he can see. The obvious viewpoint here is that
the worm, or "Life Force", got
out of the mud.

And so can man get out of his muddy state of consciousness if he
desires to put as much
effort into it as did the worm in getting out of his muddied


There Is a tale that Man, in the lonff agro,
Before he was serf and kinff,

Crawled out on the sands from the surffinff sea-

A slimy and formless thinff

Then down thru the affes, ~e waxed and


A creature of threat and fear-
Until he was master of all but self-

A t ragFedy engrineer.

Now, bombs and his villainy, so they say,
Have ruined his wonderland ' -

And prophets say mountains of tidal waves Will bury his house in

But the Nother who bore us, in affes Past, Wants nothinff of
man's domain

For the sea, still briny with tears of


Doesn'tt want him back affain.

--Trah Nika.