Volume 10, Issue 9, page 19

thing -- that animals talk to
them over there by mental telepathy. I thought this was 'way
out' and didn't discuss it with
many people because they'd
think I had lost my marbles,
maybe. But the time Andre, our
yellow Persian-type cat, disappeared, I got out the ouija
and asked Jim what had happened
to him. Jim said, 'He is dead.
He came to me at once and
wanted to be my cat. He tells
me that a car hit him in a
lane, and that he crawled over
into the field next door to you
and then died. He says you will
find his body about the middle
of the field, in tall grass.'
I asked if he actually said
all this. Jim said he got it
mentally, but that animals do
talk -- in their own language.
Over there, it is easily transcribed telepathically. I told
Jim I'd look for Andre in that
field. I went next door and
told the neighbors about the
cat, and that Jim said he'd be
found in their field. So we made
a search, but didn't find him
A short time later, they cut
the hay, and this neighbor
came over and told me, 'We
found your cat. He was just
where you said he would be -- in
the middle of the field. I
don't know why we missed him,
but the hay was about the same
color as the cat -- '
"No need to give up coffee
if you like it. Rodale, editor
of PREVENTION, is drinking it
again. Says it's good for his
heart... Rodale has made the
amazing discovery that coffee
contains B vitamins. Hear ye!
The way I do it is to mix my
favorite brand with one-half
Sanka. That way, you can drink
two cups instead of one...
"Milk isn't very good f o r