Volume 10, Issue 9, page 6

DEAR SYLVIA -- I as concerned about my son's
future. He has always been interested in art
and has taken a course which equipped him for
this type of work. But he can't seem to find a
job and we wonder if a mistake has been made
in his choice of career. He was born at 8 a.m.,
on Apr. 11, 1942. T.K.

Dear T.K. -- You need not fear your son has
taken the wrong road. His chart clearly shows
artistic ability and that it would be incorporated in his life's work. His natal 10th
house, which represents positions in life,
ideal occupation, or self-chosen profession,
contains artistic Venus conjunct the Moon in
Pisces. Venus is also the ruler of his 6th
house, which represents work entered into by
force of circumstances. With these indications
it is evident he should choose a career in the
field of art. During early 1964, when he will
be receiving the favorable aspects of benefic
Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn, he should find
an advantageous position.