Volume 10, Issue 9, page 14

THE went downstairs and brought baca to Mother a
bird that I think was a wild goose. She patted
the bird and told me to turn it loose. I tucked
it in one of those little alcoves in the hall
ORACLE that holds holy statues. MRS.A.B.

INTERPRETATION -- In your dream, "upstairs"
represents a higher spiritual plane. The hair
represents spiritual courage. Combing means
OF that she was preparing herself for a specific
spiritual duty. Binding or twisting means she
is holding tight to her spiritual convictions.
Spreading the hair means she is spreading spirD REAMS ituai protection. Since the wild goose was
neither hurt nor crippled, it means you will
shortly hear of a disaster in which someone
you know has escaped death. Patting the bird
By LOWANA JULAINE and telling you to turn it loose is her way of
(Send your complete dream to Lowana Jnlaine, Rt, letting you know that she has interceded for
4, Box 82, Tampa, Fla., 33615, if you wish an in- the safety of this person. Tucking it into the
terpretation. Send $2.00, plus stamped, self-ad