Volume 10, Issue 9, page 20

music will be featured. Bring
instruments. Ask to be put on
mailing list if able to attend.
"Twin Cities New Age Conclave by Twin Cities Understanding in October, 1964.
Write to Joanne Van Poperin,
628 Stryker, St. Paul, Minn.,
for information...
"Was a sighting of a strange
object (unidentified) at Milwaukee just before my lecture
there Oct. 31." -- Wayne S. Aho,
143(1 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio.
"I've had a bit of fun trying Schroeppel's 'It's Dangerous But You Too Can Do It' exercises , without turning on
much of any phenomena, probably due to working entirely
alone. I'm just a bit puzzled
by the letter a few months ago
of the person who spun herself
just trying the relaxation exercise in the first lesson,
seeing strange figures around
her. Oh, well. So she wrote
she didn't dare try anything
else. Guess my barriers must
be pretty strong, at least
nothing of that type has turned
up to entertain (?) bother (?)
or scare (?) me." -- Bob Gardner,
2219 %earney, Laredo, Texas.
(ED. NOTE -- On this psychic
stuff, some of us can and some
can't -- and I don't bel i eve it's
altogether a matter of training, either. Apparently, we're
just two breeds of cats, as
the saying goes. As you remember, Ron Hubbard spoke disparagingly of the "Black 5's" who
were proving problems at Scientology -- these were the engineers, electricians, etc. --
the "square pegs" who could
find "square holes" in the material universe but couldn't
fit the "round holes" Hubbard
was trying to drill. For we
who can't, what is it we envy:
the ability, or inability, of
those who can?)
"I had little to say about
our stay at Chesterfield Spiritualist Camp because our visit (my private purpose) was not
to sell planchettes, not to
get readings, but rather to
break thru on what they saw,
apart from what they said they
saw, and other things beneath
the surface...
"People that visit Spiritualist camps are of two types:
lesser mediums who come to
learn tricks of the trade.
These mediums also bring'delegations from their parish-ato
be awed. The majority of the
people visit the camps yearly
and bring along friends and
family. There are some strays
who heard they can get their
fortune told...
"It would not do to mention
names but we had three semiofficials who bought planchettes from us. One was so
afraid Top Brass might walk in teresting phenomena during deher room while she was using cline period of effect. Effect
the P. under our instructions, comparable with peyote, but
she was too jumpy to get bet- less visual imagery (for me) .
ter than wild scratchings. One More expensive than peyote; ari
did very well. The punch line effective quantity costs about
of this lies in the fact that 900. Produces some hangover
in camp they are known as pay- for me -- dizziness mostly, for
chic, and to be caught at this several hours.
would show they could get more "Our unaffiliated psychefrom us than from the camp... delic group, which is burgeon"Several times in the past, ing so well (our main trouble
I had to restrain myself from is we keep running out of cacpresenting an opinion on Kat- tus), has done the big breakzen, remembering Robert Brown- thru in p e y o t i sm. We have
ing's erudite offering on truth: broken the flavor barrier --
'Truth is within ourselves, it Peyote Frappe. Clean, pare, and
takes no rise from outward dice a quantity of fresh green
source what e'er you may be- peyote. Put in an electric
lieve.' blender with about 3 parts of
"How then would Katzen re- fruit juice to 2 parts peyote.
spond to anything that came Blend until smooth. Pour into
not from Katzen? pitcher. Chill. Serve in tall
"Browning further said, glasses with ice tea spoons.
'There is an inmost center in It tastes like chilled fruit
us all where truth abides in juice. The flavor effects are
fulness; and around and about completely absent. The alkait wall upon wall the gross loid effects are unchanged and
flesh hems it in, this perfect unimpaired,
clear perception which is "Likewise: Peyote Daiquiri .
truth.' Frappe as above. Add shaved ice
"Here again we would be and a dollop of distilled bevdealing with impregnable bar- erage. The only effect of the
riers, but this is not all, alcohol is (1) to slightly emlet us listen to Browning a phasize the mescaline effect,
bit more: 'A baffling and per- and (2) to average the effect
verting carnal mesh binds it over time. Instead of gradualand makes all error and to ly building up and tapering off
know rather consists in open- as with plain peyote, it builds
ing out a way whence the im- up and stays there for the
prisored splendor may escape, full time, then switches off in
rather than in effecting entry 2 or 3 minutes.
for a light supposed to be "For 3 subjects last weekwithout.' end, the time of effect was 10
"In summation then, if hours.
friend Katzen would stop deny- "We used canned pineapple
ing a force, a spiritual force juice. It was decided this was
which does his healing, he not the best choice. Next time
would be able to talk less and either grapefruit ju ice or ..
say more, watermelon juice. Watermelon .
"I wish I had time to juice is probably the most efstraighten out the gent who fective drink mixer known. It
starts by speculating whether has no smell, but has a very
there is A God, and continues strong -- but bland -- flavor that
to reason (?) there are many overpowers practically any- ;
Gods... Leftist and Birchist. thing you can put into it.
"Fred Hand is as scholarly However, the peyote flavor is
in his letters as usual." -- rather easily defeated and alJacob and Rose Ansel, 131C-A most any strongly-flavored,
S. 37th, Aliluxrukee, Wis. somewhat acidic juice will do.
ew o
"I 've mad t tries at the It al so renders the peyote
Mexican Blue morning glory somewhat no t more know seeds. The results are still I don't h of anything
indeterminate for the most results gives such significant
modpart. The stimulation for these est cocosst of study ite such ih erly
is emotional rather than sen- used, peyote peyote. shows positive
shows L*7
sory, as it is with peyote, benefits f o r psychotherapy, 04
This means the morning glory especially in the area of 04
alkaloid stimulates the mid- self-analysis...
brain structures rather than 'Sooner or later not only
the cerebral cortex. I now have Amerinds, but those of Euroa third quantity and may have pean ancestry, arrive at the a
a connected report after try- unmistakable idea that peyote
ing that. Available at any has an entity in it -- that it 0
seed dept. or store. Dose is has the nature of a sentient .
about 300 raw seeds. Seeds being. Recall that peyote is E.,
about size of apple seeds, the Amerindian Eucharist. On
variable in size. Spicy flavor, this, I didn't get a verbal
rather rough texture. I find response... but the concept
chewing them tedious. Effect that there are living materilasts about six hours. Most in- als that are, by themselves, 20