Volume 10, Issue 9, page 2

action, announced by the board
president, REV. Evan R. Williams, followed a meeting at
which Dr. Frank Stranges appeared before about 50 persons
and discussed reports that
visitors from outer space are
now on earth in the polar regions. We suspect any other
subject which failed to conform to church beliefs would
have doomed use of the "tax1 Two things the assassina- hashing it. But it does point supported institution " to this
portion of the tax-paying of President Kennedy has up a possible reason as to why lie. James Rousel. ousel,the lie li ppubtion at least: 1. We are a there are so many auto atti- ian, who headed the psychic
nation of emotional tumble- dents, and so much unsolved group whose meeting was reweeds, here today and gone to- crime. We have become a nation sponsible for Father Williams's
morrow, piling our tears, our of non-lookers, who can see group's action, says his mihates, and our laughs against only what's in front of their nority group has been abanany fence in our path, and 2. noses. The days of the woods- doned -- but we understand they
T-V may be abetting it, but we man, when even the rustle of a have been merely forced to use
might as well wear the old- leaf would put a man on alert, meeting facilities in nearby
fashioned "blinders" such as have faded; even a rifle barrel, cities...
they used to put on horses, or a fat little killer, or a
since we apparently are devel- car coming at us from a side- 1 Frank Sullivan, 9 9 9
of Farmoping 17-, 21-, or 23-inch- street, or in the wrong traf- ington, Mich., who has develscreen eyesight, and anything fic lane, can escape detection oped a form of Scientology not
can happen outside that field now -- until its too late...AU completely in line with the
of view without our being talk of holding Dallas or TexHubbard species, called us One
aware of it. As for No. 1, wit- as responsible for the crime, afternoon from Amarillo, Texas,
ness the sudden reversal in a however, is part of that emo- and a few hours later parked
man's popularity. Prior to his tional tumbleweed we mentioned one of those little "bugs"
assassination, there was much earlier. People need a scape- our driveway. He denied he'd
growing doubt that he could goat; and at the time this is flown ive but when cars start
carry the next election, and written, a punk by the name of
Republicans were having a field Jack Rubenstein has earned the getting so small you can take
day speculating on his sac- toga. The hate with which Jack one into a plane's cabin with
cessor; in fact, the trip to Ruby killed Lee Oswald was the you, giving you local transDallas was admittedly an effort same brand of hate Oswald had portation at your destination,
to mend some political fences. used in the assassination of then we'll have the travel
Now, there's such a rush to President Kennedy -- and, inci- problem backed into a neutral
honor the memory of John Fitz- dentally -- the same kind of Corner. But back to Frank. He
gerald Kennedy by naming Cape hate many Americans expressed had been on an ' auditing" trip
Canaveral, streets, schools, only a few days earlier toward (auditing -- a Scientologist's
and physical prominences for a visiting woman from South excuse for asking you personal
the late President that a ru- Viet Nam whose husband and questions you'd resent if you
mor even was circulated that brother-in-law were felled by called it anything else) to
Texas might try to erase the other assassins in a coup re- Phoenix, Ariz.. and was on his oti
stigma of being the site of a portedly indorsed by our own way home. Frank uses a system
double assassination by renam- Government...As long as we are of tracing past lives". and r
ing the state, or at least, a a party to hate, even tho we uncovering motives of longcounty or two. As for No. 2. We broadcast i t towards targets gone yesteryears which are
were amazed that of all the thousands of miles distant, we still pretty potent -- and we
' admit this can lead to some W
thousands watching the Presi- can expect to reap hate-fruit,
rather interesting "memories"
dent's fateful motorcade, the and not always from the safety if one wishes to skim the cream
batt a
a radio army of onFBI "sharpies', small none or television , either... Maybe off the `It happened to me"
saw the muzzle of a rifle pro- as phil Friedman sags: "Proph- box. If Frank can spare a littrude from a window only 75 ets of prophesy things tle time from his processing
yards away, and remain long into existence. We all helped and publication of his magayards for the killer to aim the assassin by talking and zane, The maim TERMINAL. he
thru a telescopic sight and thinking them into being in has promised to write some artake three shots. It remained his head." Which is one may of titles for The AHD on how
for the alert, unemotional eye saying the propaganda which is 7014 too, cam do it? Do what?
of a camera to record the kill- being manufactured to fan our dell pet rid of a few inches W
er -- without intention on the hatred of Russia sired Cowman- of waist. for one thing -- sans
part of the picture-taker .., ist China; our hatred of Sta- diet or pill swallowing. All W
And the police -- a roomful of lin sired Khruschev and East this from a system of subcon- A4
them at the police station'-who Berlin, our hatred of Batista scions retrospection, he says... G4
let an angry, armed "police sired Castro, etc. then are we