Volume 10, Issue 9, page 12

attention with no more intent than to be
right because it is right to be right,
you will destroy wrong intent and restore
the ingredient necessary to allow full
use of the technique of Humanetics.

For example, we have a motive to guide
our children in the way that is right.
Unbeknown to us in the same area, we have
subconscious motives to control them, we
desire to have them carry out our frustrated career ambitions, we have a motive
to receive praise as a good parent, to
avoid criticism for our blunders, etc.

These motives are not pleasant to contemplate but our willingness to do so can
destroy them. That they exist is demonstrated by every problem that arises in
parent-child relationships. We have one
motive which we understand to be right,
but we run into problems because we also
have wrong motives of which we are unaware. Others often pick up our ulterior
motives and hold them against us to our

Do you have a motive to do what is
right? How many subconscious, ulterior
motives have you in this area? Here are
some of mine: To get personal attention,
to gain recognition for my goodness, to
receive the benefits of being righteous,
to keep from missing out on anything, to
get a place for myself spiritually, to
prove I know more than even the clergy,
to have something very few others have,
to get advantages.

How many times are we guilty of having
ulterior motives? All the time! Until we
begin a systematic search to right the
wrong, we are in the predicament of a
cross-eyed man who sights the target with
one eye while aiming the gun with the
other eye. He does not get the results he
thinks he should get. We are not getting
the results we think we should get because our conscious motives point us in
one direction while our subconscious motives point us in another direction.

Get busy on a list of motives. As
quickly as you can identify a conscious
motive, look for subconscious motives
that cause trouble. Be willing to give up
your motives, conscious as well as unconscious, in favor of becoming right.
This will increase your right intent.

Right intent can be further defined as taking right action in the right sequence.

Have you ever awakened to the fact you were
pushing on a door that needed to be pulled
to be opened? So long as you push on that door
you are expressing wrong intent. Inadvertent,
or subconscious if you please, but nevertheless, wrong intent. As a result the endeavor
is frustrated. Whenever we express inadvertent,
subconscious wrong intent, our efforts are
frustrated. When we can expose this wrong intent an d correct it, we restore right and
eliminate the frustration and problems which

It requires broad understanding and use of
Humanetics to develop areas of right intent
and in these areas, distortions are released
as soon as they are restimulated. Problems do
not arise if right intent is present, because
the distortions are released spontaneously. It
is right intent that releases distortions;
Father Zero
Takes a
Gander at
As soft as silk, as white as silk,
As bitter as gall, a strong wall,
And a green coat covers se all.

IFE ENDS at the heliocentric center of a
reactive spiral and begins again to actively radiate in straight lines at the
point where the helical reaction ends.
The end in death and the beginning in conception are one and the same point.

A helix that is reactively true relative to
its own action only, cannot end. As long as it
is a reaction, it is a helix, an unending spiral. It takes an extra sensory implant to overstock the helical pile beyond its critical zero
size and close its open circuits, thus shorting
it into another shortened life and generation
of radiating lines.

As soft as silk is the feminine helix, that
is spun like a silkworm spins its cocoon. The
silkworm worms about and conducts its work
automatically without instruction, without
book learning. A silk on an ear of corn is a
conductor of pollen into its core, even as a
helix conducts anything extrasensory to itself
into an apex, a radiating solar center. A
helix is an unending conductor.

As white as milk is the helix just short of
its generating end where it stabilizes its ingredients in a white cruosic crystal. Milk
contains every element except iron, a positive
pole, an end point in action. White as milk is
everything but the butt end.

As bitter as gall is the helical gal that
adds to herself the sweet things that are
strangers to her helix. The so-called beneficial implants buoy her up beyond heliocentricity, into death and another generation. Only
thru the bitter gall of death are blessed
events manifested. These blessings are signs of
what not to do and one wonders why he does it.

A strong wall is the top of the helical
wall, its solar center, that throws the helical ingredients violently, with a strong outstretched arm, into a hot, radiating, burning
horning, cast down to earth. When the radial
lines reach out to their extremities, they
turn back on themselves tangentially and pi
ratioal ly , forming a peripheral skin, the
greensward of the earth 's surface. The green
coat that covers me all is the earth, the
skin of a cellular structure of which a helical sun is its center. 04
The helical co i 1 s are the wall and its 04
solar center the nut; that is the walnut that W
is hard to crack except by devious devices pq
extraneously designed to do the work. This cc
Mother Goose is the overt sequence by which
one is tied to the wheel of repetitive births
and deaths .
wrong intent activates them. Once a distortion
is activated, that fact constitutes evidence
of our wrong intent.

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