Volume 7, Issue 1, page 13

"Where are these ,so-called
high-class clairvoyants w h o
talk and teach of shells? Not
one dares come forward to show
that he has something more
than the world and people we
communicate with so freely.
Yes and so intelligently too .
"I wish to repeat what I
have said many times. I must
repeat for it seems to escape
the awareness of people: Many
who believe in God as an Intelligent Creative Power insist
that this Intelli1ent Creative
Power is not t n t e l l igent
enough, not creative enough,
not power enough to manifest
as an intimate personality. If
He is, He can; for truth cannot hold a contradiction.
"I also pointed out that
writers will not easily admit
a new orientation which nullifies their existing writings,
but it is heartening to know
that reactionaries always fight
a losing battle against new
truths .
"Returning to R. F. Jones ,
after many emphatic. statements
that Apsel could not possibly
know, he nullifies his own
values as an authority by saying 'But don't ask me to prove
what I have said.' His last
statement is pretty nilly-willy for a critic; he says `Somewhere down the stream of time
we will arrive at the truth'.
The proof of a man's contentions is his ability to stand
the testing of his contentions.
People who themselves have
sidetracked a showdown h a v e
often said to me that a test
will prove nothing. No?
"If we could destroy all
the books, everything ever
written concerning God , and
passed an effective law prohibiting new writings concerning God, mankind would have a
better possibility of learning
honest truths!" -- Jacob and
Rose Apsel, Milwaukee, Wis.
4 4 4
"I have read with interest
everything in your March issue
and was impressed by the little
item of Alberta Elliott's on
'The Man and the Spider'. The
world of the spider is unlimited. He contains within himself
'The Kingdom of Creation' (Lu.
17:211. He seeks no external
aid, but simply uses what he
has ... 'Man 's Senses Record
Only What's Dying', by Zeer O.
Naught is excellent, and would
create a shocking surprise if
that course of reasoning were
carried directly thru infinite
time to infinite results.
"I observe also that Dr.
Kridler is beginning to warm
up on his story of 'The Book
They Blamed on God'. But what
sent me up in the air was the
APRIL, 1960
item on P. 12, to wit: 'When began. He says : John. y o u
the editor awakened about mid- really have fallen from grace
night pawing the air in a and you wonder why you have
frantic fight for breath, he such a low-down feeling at
spent the remainder of the times. And they can't find any
night in a chair, bent over a 'Masters'. For further inforlap full of pillows'. Can we mation they don't use such
ever make man understand that gadgets, they belong to the
not food but air keeps him earthbound. Obsession, o b sesalive? Can we make him realize sion and control. I would re.the importance of good air mind you again that the keywhen he knows that he stops word is freedom. The more I
living when he stops breath- see in ABERREE lately like
ing? ... Now let me give you such, the more I'm leaning tosome valuable advice which is wards t h e Anglican ritual .
not found in the books because 'From all perils and dangers
those who wrote the books don't of the night, good Lord delivknow. When the air grows bad er us'. And they call it 'Heavand poisons the lung cells, en world communication'. Oh ,
they call for help. That help man: 'Lead me in the hour of
comes as an extra supply of temptation and deliver me from
blood to take care of that the evil thereof'. Since when
poison. But the extra blood was psychic phenomena called
forces the air out of the lungs religion? The aborigines can
and man begins a frantic fight produce any and all of it withfor breath. out even a thought of the moral
"Quickly get into a hot law. And there are 'reverends'
bath of any kind in order to four fora quarter. How big can
expand the surface blood ves- the apple get on the bottom.
sels of the body, thus creat- As b i g as a planchette? O r
ing a vacuum that draws that this big? Electroencephaloexcess blood out of the lungs, graphically -- controlled reand breathing will quickly be- search; the squalid lice-income easy. But also see that fested denizens of Tibet. What
there is good, fresh air in philosophy? And these are the
the place where this hot bath 'redeemers'?
is taken, or the body will be "A word in passing to Margpoisoned more by the free ery Mansfield. You may have to
breathing of the polluted air. go a little slower and farther
Ventilate the bedroom and pile around, but your way will be
on more cover to keep warm. more pleasant. Stay with it my
Even put a cap on your head if friend, you have nothing to
necessary f o r warmth. And lose. A wise one once said:
please don't let this happen 'Judge not that ye be not
to you again, for you must live judged'. He knew this that men
to keep ABERREE in circula- judge themselves by their diftion . ferences. Infinite 20: Your
"And if it is at all possi- article was good. Now I'll
ble for you to get out of that climb back, for my old mother
cold climate, do it as soon as said to me years ago, 'Son, if
practicable. Go 'way down in you ever fall into the gutter,
Texas below San Antonio, which remember you don't have to stay
is not so very far from you . there; also remember, you can
Get down in the Texas area that stoop down any day and pick
grows oranges and grapefruit. nothing up.' So in signing off
You may have to make sacri- I say toodle-oo nappoo and
fices to do that, but that is voodoo, but one thing I' v e
better than passing on to the learnt , the world is far from
Future Life, at this time... being ready for TRUTH." -- John
"In your item you mention Dobbs, S.Burnaby, B.C., Canada
'virus pneumonia'. What do $ 4 4
these names and terms mean? "In regard to my quotation
Just inventions of medical art in the March 1960 ABERREE, 'The
to hide ignorance. The average Kingdom of Heaven is within
lifespan of medical doctors is you', I stand corrected. It is
less than 46 years. If medi- as you said, 'The Kingdom of
cine were one -tenth of what God is within you'.
medical art claims it is, then "Now, let us reason togethmedical doctors should form a er. One would assume t hat a
special group noted for health king would abide within the
and longevity." -- C.R.G., Se- kingdom. If there is a Kingdom
bring, Fla. of God, then, to me , it fol4 4 4 lows that God is the King in
I know that I have been the Kingdom of God and since
sinking fast these past few the Kingdom of God is within
months, but Oh brother, plan- us, then God is within us. It
chettes. My good angel says for is commonly accepted belief in
me to wipe my shoes and climb more than one religion -- Christback to where I was before I ian and non-Christian -- that