Volume 10, Issue 9, page 8

erning the establishment of absolute harmony. In the animal kingdom, this is known
as the fitting together of the two selves.
This is the uniting of the male soul element of will with the receptive soul element of the female, after each self has
arrived at a point of self-completion. We
may call this polarity "sex attraction".

Quoting in general from J. E. Richardson's work under the heading of "Soul and
Sex": "The spiritual body is an exact
replica of the physical body with which
it was associated upon the earth plane.
It has spiritual organs corresponding to
the physical organs. In other words, it
has a heart, a liver, a stomach, and all
the other organs corresponding to the
physical body including the sex organs
and the organs of generation. Each of
these spiritual organs has its definite
and specific use and function.
"Reasoning entirely from the physical
viewpoint, one would be very apt to conclude that such spiritual organs perform
functions analogous to those of their
physical replicas. In this, however, one
would not be entirely correct. Nevertheless, these several spiritual organs still
have their practical purposes and uses.
They are all the seats of various sensations of the body. On the spiritual side,
they employ them chiefly for the purpose
of the sense enjoyment of the highest
measure of harmony of which they are capable. The stomach is still the seat of
sensation which tells when the spiritual
body is in need of nourishment and when
that need has been fulfilled or supplied.
"In the same sense, the generating
organs of the spiritual body have their
use as centers of sensation, and since
spiritual bodies have learned how to conform their lives in all their many aspects
to the law of unfoldment, they have
learned how to employ the sex organs in
processes that afford the most intense
gratification of the individual law of
nature. Their function in life is to afford
the individual a spiritualized expression
of the love relation.
"An illustration from the plane of our
life may help to understand this explanation more fully. In the warm climate of
our physical world men often wear coats.
And in these coats are pockets. They use
these pockets as convenient receptacles
in which to carry various of their personal possessions. But in the northern
countries where the winters are cold,
they use these same pockets for the purpose of keeping their hands warm.
"This illustration only brings out the
fact that the environment in which:ye find
ourselves at various phases of evolution
has much to do with the use to which we
put things, quite regardless of what they
may have been used for in a previous situation.
"It is not difficult to understand the
fact that while the original and primary
function of the generative organs was and
is reproduction upon the physical material
plane, these same organs in another and
different environment and condition may
be put to other uses and other purposes,
quite as important to the comfort, wellbeing, and happiness of the individual.
"Sex is not a thing of the body alone.
It is fundamentally a thing of the soul.
(It is the polarity point.) The material
body gives but an objective manifestation
of it. It marks a cleavage which runs
thruout all nature in all its kingdoms.
That is, the masculine or positive side,
and the feminine, or retentive side. These
are immutable. A man is always under all
circumstances and conditions of life here
and always a man (a positive half of the
total unit, a positive self) and a woman
is always under all conditions and all
circumstances of life on any level or
plane, the receptive element (or pole)
and is therefore, a woman. The sex of an
individual never changes, any more than
does the individual soul itself change."
There are many ways that the idea of
changing sex thru evolvement and reincarnation got started. Here is an obvious
example. Taking a relatively short view
of eternal life, a man could reason that
the learning to balance the self, meaning
the one half, would require the living
thru the actual physical expression of
being a woman. Such reasoning satisfies
some while irritating scientificallytrained minds.

This conclusion of switching sex nullifies the entire concept of self-evolvement and self-completion because it would
make unnecessary right from the start the
creation of polarity or affinity. If one
half of self is both positive and receptive thru sex switching, then it is useless to form a unit or individualized
whole, because we would have one half be- x
coming a whole. a
A point that has been used to validate -,
the viewpoint of the changing sex hypothesis is the hermaphrodite. This is easily

Each of us is a creative self, and if W
thru our own choosing we would want not
to be that sex which we are, and if we
kept that centered in our minds, and laid
out in our minds the role we would play as
such, then we would become, as far as
nature would permit, that manifestation.

But nature will not be mocked. Even
tho an "individual-creative-center " might
choose and direct its will-power in forming such a matrix (and thus altering to a
degree the endocrine system of the body), W
it could only go to that point where nature blocks it, because nature does block a
development of aberrations.

As you know, early in the fetal life, W
the body that is forming is not identifiable as a male or female because that CC
phase approximately around the fifth week
is where you have two glands that are in m
the abdomen developing rather higher than x
they are later in life. If they descend E'
all the way and push out they become part
of the male mechanism and if they stay in
the lower abdomen, they become part of