Volume 10, Issue 9, page 21

not sentient beings which, it doubtful. I finally managed
when incorporated (incarna- to view an aura display of the
tion?) into a sentient being psionic variety, but it was
(human), the combination en- probably by ESP. It closely
genders a sentient being which resembled the fluorescence of
is intelligent and superhuman. plastics under ultraviolet raThis resultant being is latent diatiou, and fluctuated with
in the Sacramental Material. the subject's pulse. A bright,
The nearest verbal answer I granular, slightly actinic
got to this was the answer to sparkle. It does not resemble
'What is the meaning of "Son a diffraction image in the
of Mau" as in the New Testa- least" -- Fred Hand, 2718 Eagle,
ment?' Which gave, 'Humanity Houston, Texas.
begets a child upon itself in (ED. NOTE -- Considerable inan extremity of trouble and by terest in experiments with the
violence. When that child is psychedelic drugs is being exborn living, he is a being who pressed by ABERREE readers.
is not human'. The accounts of However, we do not recommend
spiritual chemicals found in indiscriminate testing of any
the Bible and in most ancient drug, seed, or cactus by permythologies, must be corrupt. sons without whom the world
The materials described: alto- might be worse off -- leave it
hol, sulphur dioxide, laurel , to the doctors and the FDA who
ivy, mandrake, barley, lotus, think they alone have the Godbull's blood, goat's milk, and given right to decide who and
mistletoe, do not, any of them, how people should die. I n a
contain strong psychedelic late AMA JOURNAL, a director
alkaloids. But the effects de- of health at Harvard warns of
scribed in the accounts are dangers in the drugs after 2
unmistakably psychedelic. The Harvard professors were distrue psychedelics known in an- missed for experimenting. The
cient times -- muscarine, can- ousted professors say they innibus sattiva, and ephedrine -- tend to set up LSD colonies in
are never mentioned. the U.S., for "education thru
"Alexander McNab, a friend new means" -- after they were
and fellow peyotist, gave the expelled from Mexico in the
opinion that the sensory (or setting up of a similar colony.
parasensory) phenomena of pe- So -- pick your Harvard profesyote are not revelation , but sor -- and your poison, but do
satire. Discussing this, we be discreet. There are other,
^oncluded that Aldous Huxley's and safer, ways to prove you
opinion that the phenomena are Gods.)
were intended to invalidate o 0
the self-concept is correct. "'Surprisingly bad' is the
Rather, it seems to be the only way I can put it with depersonally internalized cul- cency. Why? You were different
7 ture.conditioning -- the ideol- once." -- A.R. Pulyan, R.F.D.,
ogy -- which is being attacked. South lent, Conn.
- The function of the psychedel- (ED. NOTE -- Don't know why.
is phenomena are, then, the Maybe it's the H-Bomb fallout,
employment of illusions to de- the 1962 Planetary c onjunc