Volume 10, Issue 9, page 7

HE DOGMA of alternating sex annoys
quite a number of people. The dictum is that in reincarnation one
changes their sex. In other words,
in one incarnation on this planet,
or wherever the incarnation may be,
a man becomes a woman, takes a woman's
body, and functions as a woman. And a
woman, in reincarnation, takes on the
body and characteristics of a man.

This has been written, talked about,
and assumed by many enlightened persons
to be a fact, or rather to be a principle
in the evolutionary process of the "individual - entity" called the human vortex,
the human soul, the human being.

There is a principle in nature which
impels every entity to seek vibratory
correspondence with another like entity
of opposite polarity. In the study of the
mineral kingdom we find, without any exceptions, this principle being manifest.
When an alteration of this principle occurs, there is produced a stream of released energy which we call explosion.
The attempt to alter this principle in
nature has been used in fission, and
again in fusion. This is a temporary distortion of nature.
under energy.

Stating it again, because it is the
crux of this discussion : "There is a principle in nature which impels every entity
to seek vibratory correspondence with an --
other like entity of opposite polarity."
W This principle of polarity may be called
w affinity if you like. It is the basis on
x which all scientific discovery, all sci04 entific development, has been based.
W Evolution means progress by intelligent
PI affinities instead of progress by blind
cfl physical compulsion. This logically explains the evolvement and development of
0 a soul entity that is masculine, which
x has a driving will and wants to express
F+ thru and control and dominate groups. Also the evolvement and development of an
entity that is feminine, which has a consuming desire to possess singular indi7 viduals.

If the poles of receptivity (desire)
and positivity (will) are going to switch
around, like flipping a coin from side to
side, there would be no evolutionary development possible. It wouldn't be needed
because one would become the other in ensuing incarnations. Thus the receptive
element of desire and the positive element
of will would have no need to modify,
temper, and evolve as separate entities.
Then evolution and known science in all
kingdoms below that of human is a farce
and isn't so at all, and nature is a mass
of inconsistency.

Such dogma is illogical and unreasonable. Nature certainly is consistent!
That which obtains in the mineral kingdom and makes possible the manifestations
of the mineral kingdom are true in the
human kingdom. Those same laws of cosmic
intelligence manifested in the mineral
kingdom are irrefutable in the vegetable
and animal kingdoms. These same laws obtain in the human kingdom, because they
are the continuation of nature, but on a
different level of vibration.

Without absolute consistency in nature
regarding polarity the various ions of
silver flowing from one pole to the other,
as in silver-plating, would just arbitrarily reverse, and instead of silver-plating
a nickel slug, we would be nickel-plating a silver slug. If such were the case,
we would never know what was going to
happen. But nature is consistent, and it
is upon this consistency of polarity that
evolution is predicated. It is because of
this constantness, without exception, that
we must assume the human kingdom is part
of "total nature" and functions within
nature's laws.

Let us go a step farther. The actuality
of balance in polarity is the factor gov
There are three kingdoms below that of
the human kingdom in which we can do
careful study, analysis, and experimentation. In these we do not find at any time
a violation of nature's consistency. Man
attempts, and has succeeded in some degree, to disrupt this naturalness of natural or cosmic law and thereby produce
such things as the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and other forms of torn-as