Volume 10, Issue 9, page 13

system of the body. And even chiropractors
will be amazed when they learn that in treating the sick, they are actually dealing with
astral light, flowing thru the nerves as an
electric current.

When chiropractic schools were founded a
little more than half a century ago, they had
to use medical text books because there were
no others. These were found, by the experience
of chiropractors, to be so faulty as to the
nerve system, that they were discarded and re By Dr. KARL KRIDLER placed by books prepared by experienced chiropractors, chief of whom was the great Willard
(9) THE NERVE SYSTEM Carver. Then followed the wonderful work of
ACCORDING to extant fragments of the age- Littlefield, Livingstone, Lakhovsky and Crile.
less wisdom, Anaximenes (550 B. C.) held If the nerves began in the brain as science
that the essence of the universe is in claims, the vitality, consciousness, mind, and
astral light in eternal motion, which intelligence of man would be one of the greatcontains all in itself. Everything is formed est of all miracles, and that is exactly what
from astral light by condensation and rarefac- these qualities are to science, to theology,
tion produced by eternally existent motion, to the whole world. This is the "Unknowable
and heat and cold resulting from varying de- Reality", and has been the subject of hundreds
grees of density of the primal element. of writers who have sought to fathom the mysIt required the discovery of wireless tel- tery and failed.
egraphy and radio phony for science to recover Peruse all the medical text books on earth,
this lost knowledge and other data of the as- as we have done for 60 years in searching for
tral world of the Masters. the secret of these qualities, and in them
The biblical makers excluded from their there is nothing as to these qualities of the
book much that the ancient scrolls contained Unknowable Reality that satisfies an intelliregarding the astral world in order to keep the gent man.
exoteric in darkness as to man's real nature, While almost nothing definite is known by
incorporating only some minor passages which science concerning the nature and source of
tell the exoteric nothing of the secret of man these qualities, they are what makes man what
and his creation. he is. And if we know nothing of the source
It means little to the clerics and less to and nature of these, we know little about man,
the laics to read in the Bible of pfe-exist- his origin, his nature, and his destiny,
ence -- that every plant of the earth (was in the (Continued in the next issue)
astral world) before it was in the earth, and
every herb of the field (was in the astral
world) before it grew (in the earths (Gen. 2:51.

Something does not come from nothing, and
consistency of thought demands that we include
in this category of pre-existence not only the
vegetal kingdom, but also animals and humans --
pre-existing in the astral world as archetypal
entities prior to their advent on earth in
physical forms, in created bodies which are
f, seen and are temporal.

When we see things whole, we realize the
law is one, the source is one, the substance
a is one, and from the ONE proceeds all the known
and unknown. Creation is a process of transformation, in which the unseen eternal entity
is clad in a created body that can be seen.

Man, an unseen archetypal entity of the astral world, becomes visible in the physical

densation of astral light, like the tree that
seems to come from the seed, but which is the
? product of condensed astral light.

Man, that mystery which science terms "a
procession of phantoms, in the midst of which
(there) strides an unknowable reality". The
' nerve system of this body, whose "wires" exceed in extent all the commercial wiring in
:z7 the world, is charged with that "unknowable
reality" which is such a mystery to science.
x We now face the point where the ignorance
of science is glaringly apparent as to the nax ture of life and the continuation of man.
'-`) Science says the nerves are sinews or ten= dons, which begin in the braih and end in varcc ions parts and organs of the body. Little is
known of their nature, their function, or their
m importance, and this ignorance makes it embarjti for doctors, except chiropractors, to
discuss them.

We are going to learn why no system of caring for the sick has ever grown as fast as
chiropractic has. Accidentally discovered in
1895 by Dr. D. D. Palmer, its amazing growth is
13 due to the fact that it deals with the life
world when clad in a body created by the con(CONTINUED
the female mechanism, and by an intelligent individual willing, demanding, planning, scheming, wanting, desiring, there
is an interruption of this normal development, and the natural arrangement becomes malformed.

The occupant of such a body could not
switch from male to female or from female
to male at will thereafter. The best that
could be done with endocrine therapy,
surgery, and other physical carvings and
adjustments would be to try to bring to
climax either the one side or the other
of the physical attributes of the physical body. This is not a question of
switching sex of the entity because the
polarity (sex)is a soul element. The soul
is the spark or the vortex of the GreatCreative-Source and once It is created, It
is ! Your little mind anal my little mind
cannot alter, change, or violate It. Such
is beyond our control and full understanding as far as we have evolved in thinking
and studying. No switching of sex statements can be found credited to any of the
great wise ones of whom we have any written or symbolic records.

For enlightened humans to cling to
some ancient and literal interpretation
of a cosmic law, just because it pleases
their intellect, will certainly retard
their evolutionary progress. This clinging
to outmoded explanations which are devoid
of logic, reason, and scientific observation, has been the big stumbling block
for many sincere students of truth.