Volume 10, Issue 9, page 18

"I show ABERREE to many
people and have them read your
'Policy' statements and thus I
have a complaint: You changed
the 'Sub-Sub-Policy' and left
part out. I hope you restore
the part which says 'with his
wife's permission'. This is a
very good part of the overall
polfey statement, in my opinions" -- James D. Wardle, 424 S.
State, Salt Lake City. Utah.
(ED. NOTE -- We'll ask the
wife for permission to put the
deleted phrase back -- and see
if she approves. What else can
we do?)
"We are having some summer
weather in what is thought of
here as our fall months. Today
the windows are open, the heat
is off, the air is like I remember it to be in Hawaii, and
I am confused, for I look high
up the mountain peaks and I
see yet trees in colors of
glorious hues, and I wonder --
who is in charge these days,
upstairs, or how come the seasons are getting confused (like
so many people one meets -- appear to be on most subjects
you discuss with them). Anyway, it is glorious and we are
happy as blue birds returning
in spring, here and now.
"I am busy drilling wells
(for other people who bought
acreage in the area about us);
our community is growing, the
North seems to want to come
south and the South has ideas
they should go part-way north,
they converge here, and the
mountains open up their arms
and the well men move in, and
in nothing flat and $500 less
in the bank account one has a
well they brag about for the
rest of their lifetime -- for
this water is super, that is
for sure... Officially we are
supposed to be closed; unofficially people are coming and
going so we can't close before
first of year, as I see it now.
y_es. for Love's Retreat it has
been a grand, happy, and interesting 1963 season.
"You missed a real being
when you missed the visit of
Swami Premananda, he is not
just another Swami, my lad -- he
is truly -- one of the kind. He
has been here four times this
year, I hope he comes as often
next year. Just returned from
his conference in Buffalo that
was one of the most perfectly
arranged I have ever attended,
and with 180 odd there, one
met some real people too." --
Mandah Love, Lakemont, Ga.
"In all of the varied discussions of Dianetics and Scientology in your pages, I have
not yet seen reference to one
of the most penetrating studies
of Ron Hubbard and his work --
namely, the lengthy book review
of 'Dianetics; the Modern Science of Mental Health', by
Prof. S. I . Hayakawa in t h e
Summer 1951 issue of 'ETC: A
Review of General Semantics'.
"Dianetics is traced to its
source in Ron's early writings
in pseudo - science (fiction),
when he conceals the distinction netween his facts and his
imagination even from himself,
as well as from the readers.
He 'falls for his own pitch'.
And so Hubbard has produced a
fictional science. He did not
discover, as he admits, but
created a new science. The reviewer outlines in great detail the devices of fiction
found in Dianetics. Prof. Hayakawa found no wheat in Hubbard's chaff!
"The good Professor notes
Hubbard's hatred and contempt
of women, notes his 'case-histories' betraying a remarkable
obsession with 'AA' and female
adultery. He sees the lure of
the pseudo scientific vocabulary, and a susceptibility to
word-magic and semantic hash,
a carryover from science-fiction to fiction science.
"And I have n o t seen in
your pages any reference to a
highly scientific method of
ascertaining detailed information concerning past lives --
t he retrogressed horoscope.
Life is a line, extending both
backward and forward, and altho most astrologers are only
able to progress or extend
one's forces futurewise, it is
also possible to retrogress
the same life-force backward
into the past.
"Often the drawing of these
pictures of past lives quickly
opens doors of memory, and the
person feels the full force of
perceiving what he or s h e
really did in these other experiences.
"I have made hundreds of
these retrogressed charts, but
make very few any more, as they
take so much time to do the
long and laborious calculations
necessary. And perhaps even
more because few people want
to use this knowledge -- really
use it to develop the best in
them in this life -- they want
only to know which famous personages they have been, Incidentally, I've never yet run
across a reincarnation of Cleopatra or George Washington! "
-- Marie Bar lowe, Box 28, Three
Rivers, Mich.
(ED. NOTE -- It seems to us
that before one can run an astrological chart on a previous
life, he must date this life --
which acknowledges a means of
determining the incarnation
cycle. Granted one has this
data, a retrogressed chart
seems as revealing as a this1 i fe chart, if one has time
from his living to delve into
these things. You want to
elaborate on this a bit, Marie,
for The ABERREE?)
"Poor Teufel! I'm so sorry
he came to such a pass...Which
reminds me that animals remember their names, and will
respond under the oddest circumstances! We had a lovely
Eskimo puppy that was killed
in the street one fall. The
next January, a new litter of
puppies was born to his parents, and when they were about
four or five weeks old, Janne+
(our daughter) and I went out
to the pen to watch them. We
hadn't named them yet and happened to notice that one of the
puppies looked exactly like
Poco. Since we had heard that
dogs sometimes 'come back' when
they are greatly loved, I decided to experiment with the
idea. I called 'Poco! Here Poco ! ' not looking at any of
them especially, or indicating
any certain one. Immediately,
this puppy we had noticed came
running up to me, wagging his
little swirl of a tail, and
holding his ears that familiar
way Poco had. The expression
in his eyes was the same, personality the same. The other
puppies stayed where they were,
paying no attention. Several
times we tried this -- same results. We named this puppy Yukon , but he always responded
when we called him Poco. I used
to have a little ritual with
Poco. I'd say, 'Coko-ka-Poco',
and he'd stand up on his little
hind legs. Yukon was a larger
dog, and couldn't manage to sit
up like Poco could, but the
first time I said this to him,
he made a marvelous try. It
was funny to watch him. Now,
how did he know what he was
supposed to do? Every time I E.
said this silly stuff, he'd
jump up, try to sit, tumble
over. No other puppy did this.
We tried.
"Spirit Jim told me an odd 18