Volume 10, Issue 9, page 15

"End of World" Isn't
Near -- It Already Has
Come, Writer Insists

ROM EVERY direction -- world-famous
astrologers, big-shot evangelists,
and right on down to street-corner
orators -- we are being told that the
end of the world is near and that
it is imperative that we seek shelter in some man-made organization or cult.

The end has already come -- just as a
school term ends and examinations are conducted to discover who have learned the
important lessons so they can give the
correct answers and receive diplomas that
will enable them to go out into the world
and act as teachers.
"The King of the Jews" gave us many
informative parables to enable us to know
how to act at the present time. One of
these parables concerns a nobleman who had
prepared a great feast for those who had
pretended to be his friends -- and was then
surprised and angered because the supposed friends were too busy with personal
enterprises to take time to attend the
great feast.

God has spent much time and careful
thought to prepare a wonderful love feast.
But orthodox theology has no appetite for
it. I t s tastebuds have been ruined by
swallowing great gobs of garbage.